Fandom Report for Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Twilight anime?!! Noooooooo!

…Wait, you don’t mean Servamp do you?

My Hero Academia

We got another trailer!

The manga ranks #3 on United States sales list.

Kōhei Horikoshi takes a one-week break.

Anime and Manga

I saw someone wants to make a Twilight anime and got really scared–but, no, this is the Yutaka Yamamoto series, not crap.

Speaking of crap: Ghost in the Shell has a poster in Japan.

Kamen Rider comes to Amazon.

There’s another Naruto stage play.

You too can wear Jotaro Kujo’s cap.

Gundam Wing comes to home video.

Berserk returns to anime and manga.

Enjoy some Prince of Tennis Easter art.

More artwork for the One Piece filler arc.

Rurouni Kenshin game comes to smartphones.

Shin Godzilla wins Japanese Academy Awards.

Gintama live-action cast revealed, with more photos here.

Universal Studios Japan opens an Attack on Titan roller coaster.

The creator of Hunter x Hunter advises mangaka to focus on story.

Funimation is releasing the Attack on Titans recap films in United States theaters.


DuckTales reboot already has a second season.

Turner doesn’t care about Boomerang as a cable network, so now it’s streaming.

DreamWorks cancels production of Australian comedian Tim Minchin’s animated film Larrikins.

Kubo and the Two Strings director will direct a live-action Transformers film. Hmm…The Kubo-ness is appealing, but the Michael Bay-ness is an ipecac.

DC Comics

Deep Space Nine’s Alexander Siddig is Ra’s Al Ghul on Gotham.

And Wonder Woman ’77 punches Ra’s.

An all-female marching band pays tribute to Wonder Woman.

Nafessa Williams and China Anne McClain are cast in Black Lightning for the CW.

Marvel Comics

Infinity War filming with Harry Potter?

The cast for Inhumans is announced–and I fell asleep halfway in writing that sentence.

Iron Fist

One good review, one bad review. Honestly, fix the race problems. And give him the freaking costume.

Star Finn Jones enters the debate on race in his upcoming Netflix series. This spawns more debate.

J’onn J’onzz has no time for this whitewashing.


We’re getting another R-rated Spawn.

Production continues on Amazon’s The Tick.

Former Vertigo editor Karen Berger joins Dark Horse.

We got filming locations for Black Lightning and the new X-Men TV series.

The board game Clue is being adapted into a comic–because comics are the new popular media.

Nintendo Switch

The online shop is region-free.

Nintendo limits independent games on Switch.

Joy-Cons still not connecting, but their Bluetooth technology works as controllers for smartphones and the NES Classic.

If the Joy-Con doesn’t work, try a fight-stick controller.

The Pro Controller has a secret message.

Switch has a patch on its initial release for public wi-fi hotspots.

The new Zelda game is now Nintendo’s best-selling standalone launch title. But the game lost some touchscreen features.

Switch sales in Europe and the Americas sell more than any previous Nintendo hardware and sold more in Japan than did the Wii U there.

Video Games

3DS themes in Japan feature Hello Kitty and Osomatsu.

Donnie Yen stars in a Sleeping Dogs film adaptation.

Entertainment, Visual Arts, and Sports

The Night Of actor Riz Ahmed fears a lack of diversity will increase recruitment for terrorist organizations.

Fall asleep to ambient sci-fi sounds.

Melbourne, Australia, adds female figures on pedestrian crosswalk signs.

Nike makes a hijab.


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