Fandom Report for Thursday, April 13, 2017: “WTF, Marvel Comics?!”

Because I’ve been catching up on reviews of DC on TV, Loki, and My Hero Academia, and giving presentations on Japanese Spider-Man, Edgar Allan Poe in Bungo Stray Dogs, and representations of disabilities in superhero texts, there’s a lot of ICYMI news this week.

Oh, and Marvel? Diversity is not why you have a problem. Don’t you dare blame that for declining sales when your CEO works for a bigot.


Fandom Report for March 2, 2017

My Hero Academia premieres its English dub the same day as its Japanese premiere. And adults are licking Nintendo games–because they have awful taste…the games and the adults.

My Hero Academia Season 2

New footage is out, including its new theme song, along with color character models, including of Class 1B.

And the season may be 24 episodes.

The season will premiere its English subtitled and dubbed versions the same day it premieres in Japan.


Fandom Report for Feb 23 2017

MST3K comes to Netflix in April, tech specs on Nintendo Switch, and a lot of anime news.

Diversity in Fan Culture

April 27, 2018, brings Universal Fancon to Baltimore, combining fan culture with diversity and inclusion.

Speaking of which, Captain Cold has a bit to talk about diversity and acceptance.


Anime fights terrorism. Now, can we also do something about those Trump trolls with anime avatars on Twitter who are terrorizing people with their white supremacist nonsense?

Fandom Report for November 17, 2016: We need heroes.

The Ghost in the Shell adaptation annoys me. Some show about teenage superheroes gets an unexpected renewal. And we have a bigot and fascist in the White House.

Screw you, 2016.

H/T to Ellak Roach for news leads–too many to list here.

DC Comics

Young Justice is getting a third season. The Animation Guild writes briefly about what this announcement means for paying artists and the availability of animators.

The Lego Batman film trailer is out.

Comics Alliance talks lettering in Wonder Woman.

We might get a Birds of Prey film.

Legends of Tomorrow will follow The Flash on Tuesday nights in 2017, with an expanded season.

Zod wants you to know your parents should not have voted for Trump, just as Superman fought bigots like Trump. (Oh, don’t like that remark? Well, stop here, then–my saltiness is going to continue to the bottom of this long post of news from the last two to three weeks.)


Fandom Report: Animal Crossing update, superhero short film “Sidekicks,” and the dangers of rom-coms


Barack and Michelle Obama dance to “Thriller.”

Halloween outfits this year included a three-year-old dressed as No-Face from Spirited Away.

Den of Geek recommended these Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes for Halloween.


The New York City Thanksgiving parade will begin with Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, and end with the Muppets of Sesame Street.

Literature and Identity

Haruki Murakami accepted the Hans Christian Andersen literature award with a warning about “we damag[e] and hurt[] ourselves” by othering and excluding fellow human beings.

Megan Garber at The Atlantic identifies problems with romantic comedies as related to persistent violence towards women.

DC Comics

I reviewed new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow (“White savior!”) and The Flash (an actually decent episode about Julian and Barry).