mystery science theater 3000

The new MST3K is excellent. Watch it.

I can’t give this a fair review. Mystery Science Theater was my childhood, something I’d watch on Comedy Central, especially during Thanksgiving or Christmas marathons. It was my college years before it went off of the Sci-Fi Network. It’s something I’ve watched and shared with friends all the time during and since graduate school. When the show was announced to return, with Dr. Horrible’s Felicia Day as the main villain, of course I gave money to the Kickstarter.

I’m so biased for MST3K that of course I’m recommending the first episode when it posts to Netflix this Friday. The reason I got to watch it early is because I chipped into the initial Kickstarter and got the advanced preview on Sunday.

So, rather than offer a review to persuade you to watch, I’m going to analyze what works, what doesn’t work, and what references are tossed into this episode just so I can brag about my knowledge in useless MST3K trivia. Yay!