Fandom Report for Feb 23 2017

MST3K comes to Netflix in April, tech specs on Nintendo Switch, and a lot of anime news.

Diversity in Fan Culture

April 27, 2018, brings Universal Fancon to Baltimore, combining fan culture with diversity and inclusion.

Speaking of which, Captain Cold has a bit to talk about diversity and acceptance.


Anime fights terrorism. Now, can we also do something about those Trump trolls with anime avatars on Twitter who are terrorizing people with their white supremacist nonsense?

Fandom Report for October 12, 2016: NYCC, “Dragon Ball” sings, and some fool knows almost nothing about “Luke Cage”


With New York Comic Con last week, there is a lot of news in comics, animation, and larger fan culture! Here are just a few highlights:

Batman ‘66: Return of the Caped Crusader

The new animated Adam West film came to theaters Monday and home video Tuesday. (My review: rent it).

And I have compiled a lengthy list of some of that film’s Easter Eggs–with more updates to come.

The Adam West animated Batman already has a sequel confirmed, with William Shatner as Two-Face.

Speaking of which: the Adam West Batman will meet the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman in a comic book miniseries coming in 2017!

DC Comics

I reviewed this week’s premieres of Supergirl (adorkable Super-Cousins!), Lucifer (enough with the incest jokes!), and The Flash (Barry, stop!).