beauty and the beast

I’m probably skipping Beauty and the Beast; I’m going to see Ghostbusters

Today the trailer for Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast came out. And men on YouTube (Exhibit A, Exhibit B) continue to say they won’t see the upcoming remake of Ghostbusters. I think I can identify why a Beauty and the Beast remake seems less necessary than a Ghostbusters remake with leading female protagonists, while also addressing when a remake actually is necessary–and why I am going to see Ghostbusters when it comes out in theaters.

I was lucky enough to get to work with my colleague Emily Lauer on a conference session on failed adaptations from page to screen. And I keep talking about adaptations, largely from comics to TV and film, in ongoing reviews from DC Comics TV shows or My Hero Academia.

And I still have not talked about adapting content, not from page to screen, but from, well, screen to screen: remaking older films.

Two upcoming films that are remakes, Beauty and the Beast and Ghostbusters, have had their trailers come out. I’m not at all interested in seeing the former, and I realize far too late I have to see the latter.