Student Evaluations Summary

Derek McGrath



MEAN SCORES, for 11 sections, based on 103 students’ reports
(7 – Strongly Agree; 1 – Strongly Disagree)
Composite Profile Factors Mean
Prepared, Organized 6.5
Subject Clear, Understandable 6.8
Conveys Enthusiasm 6.1
Openness to Students 6.2
Available, Helpful Office Hours 6.4
Objectives, Procedures Clear 5.9
Challenging, Worthwhile Work 6.2
Evaluates Fairly 5.9
Recommend This Instructor 5.5
Learned More than from Others 5.5


Qualitative Evaluations

(Individual courses’ official university evaluations available on request)

“Professor McGrath teaches writing techniques through many media ranging from text in books to visuals on television. He taught the class how to navigate through the library, which is extremely helpful, especially for first year students. Professor McGrath not only shows up for class and starts promptly, but is willing to stay behind after class is over to address any immediate or lingering questions or problems. He explains assignments well and offers ample help to complete them. There’s no reason to be lost in the point of an assignment because he allows ample class time to teach us different aspects of what a certain essay may need. He also writes very detailed notes on our submitted essays, making revisions easy to complete because we know exactly what he’s looking for in the essay.”


“Professor McGrath never runs a boring class. Whether we’re talking about how zombies are used to reflect pop culture or about how to properly use block quotations, the class is never dull. These discussions are always pertinent to what we’re talking about and are helpful for improving our writing skills. He is incredibly accommodating for students’ questions and very helpful during his office hours.”

“Derek is as objective as a professor comes. He encourages participation in the course. He is understanding to reasons, but will not allow an overbearing of excuses to compromise the goals of the course. He is 100% available to students, and not only encourages but requires a few office hour appointments to go over grades and assignments. He is extremely organized, and takes his work very seriously. Also shows students that as a graduate student, the workload and stresses they may encounter along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better Professor for this course.”


“He gives great feedback on essays and assignments. The first and only teacher to ever give me feedback and I really appreciated it. I feel that and the introduction assignments boosted my writing skills the most.”


“Professor McGrath has done a great job with helping students revise their essays. He has given a lot of his free time to helping students in office hours. Also, his emailed revisions are very helpful because he tells you exactly what needs to be changed to have a better paper and receive a better grade. He also has very interactive class activities and discussions. These helped me learn more about writing. He is also very approachable via email, class time, and office hours. Also, the homework became much more manageable then the beginning of the semester.”


“The instructor excels in explaining methods of mastering the English language as well as clarifying what is expected on the assignments. He uses interesting mediums such as comics, artwork and YouTube videos to build the analytical skills of his students. He is firm and authoritative and presents the challenge for his students to become better writers.”


“I don’t know, because honestly, sometimes I wanted to tear my hair out in the class, but yet at the same time, after mid-way through the semester, I realized how much better my writing was getting through his tedious and continuous corrections. Even certain tiny things Derek corrected, showed me his passion to actually make his students become better writers.”


“Professor McGrath is very strict on his essays, and I love that strictness and its effect on our writing. He gives copious notes, which details everything you did wrong, and offers method to improve. For a lackluster writer such as myself, it was very helpful to see areas I can improve.”


“Quizzes are frequently distributed to motivate students to read the assigned books and improve grammar. Professor McGrath provides so much help with our essays to make them better. He taught me that no draft is really ‘final’ and a revision can be as small as adding a comma or as large as moving entire paragraphs and ideas around. He taught me how to accept constructive criticism to improve my writing. He puts so much time and effort into providing feedback on our writing, and I believe that the skills I learned will stay with me throughout my college career.”


“Derek, you are a fantastic teacher. You have great organization and show deep concern for making students better at writing and comprehending literature. You are very clear with your assignments, and use Blackboard as well as any teacher I have had in this University. Your ability to reach out and provide office hours that accommodates all students is impressive and admirable. You have instilled in me a deeper appreciation for literature and for that I thank you.”


Courses included: EGL 204 (Fall 2011, 4 student reports); EGL 204 (Spring 2011, 9 student reports); EGL 217 (Summer 2011, 5 student reports); EGL 218 (Summer 2011, 6 student reports); EGL 350 (Summer 2012, 12 student reports); WRT 102 (Fall 2011, 2 student reports); WRT 102 (Fall 2011, 3 student reports); WRT 102 (Fall 2012, 10 student reports); WRT 102 (Fall 2012, 17 student reports); WRT 102 (Spring 2012, 17 student reports); WRT 102 (Spring 2012, 18 student reports)                                                                               

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