Fandom Report for Nov 9 2017: Didn’t Disney’s CEO work for an anti-Mexican bigot?


Brian Michael Bendis moves from Marvel to DC.


You too can buy “The Scream” as an action figure.

Michael Bond’s last Paddington Bear book comes out in 2018.

The Thirteenth Doctor’s outfit is a reference to Mork and Mindy, right?


Guillermo del Toro expands Trollhunters into a trilogy.

If you like spiders, here’s one animated by Joshua Slice.

Cartoon Research looks at Ruby-Spears’ Fangface on record and…Chiquita Banana commercials?

Video Games

Where’s your panda god now, Sonic?

The ESRB adds fees to independent video game publisher ratings.

Disney-Pixar’s Coco

Coco is making money in Mexico.

Animated Views talks with its production designer Harley Jessup.

Piss Off, Republicans

Also, never forget, as Disney makes a film about and targeting Mexican persons, that Bob Iger, the head of Disney, worked in the administration of a bigot who lied and referred to Mexicans as rapists–while he himself brags about groping women.

Oh, and if you think we’ll forget you used your connections with this fascist administration so that your company could merge with another company that promoted Republicans for decades, you’re fooling yourself–especially if you own CNN.

And only now do journalists go after Disney when the company blocks them from screening films for review–because access is more important to them than fair business.

Be Good, Men

Fuck you, Alec Baldwin.

Stranger Things made a 15-year-old kiss against their will. Gross.

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