Fandom Report for Oct 26 2017: Happy Halloween!

Here are some seasonal animated shorts.

The Nightmare Before Christmas comes to Clue.

My colleague Emily Lauer writes about the 1980s comics series The Dracula File.

Yasuhiro Irie returns to a very Soul Eater aesthetic for his KickStarter.

Nerds on Earth look at the psychology of horror films. (And I’ve been teaching just a bit about it this semester.)

Anime and Manga

For daily news on anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture, follow @JAMS_Anime on Twitter.

Here’s an Astro Boy figure.

It’s an anime about a talking motorcycle?

Here’s the FMA live-action English sub trailer.

How does streaming affect anime production?

What, I can’t get a concert with someone dressed as Pu?

More playable characters are added to the Gintama video game.

We’re getting another Full Metal Panic anime, so here’s a figure. CrunchyRoll has more.


The Breadwinner wins at the Animation Is Film festival.

Loud House creator removed from his show following accusations of sexual harassment.

Cartoon Research looks at the records released for Chuck Jones and UPA’s Gay Purr–ee.

Folks, Michael Bay is a hack–Dora the Explorer was always above his intelligence.

So there is a Brazilian Woody Woodpecker film and a fan animation–and I’m only now learning this.


Look at this Preacher statue.

Ian Flynn moves with Sonic the Hedgehog to IDW.

McGrath’s Law is still in effect: if it exists, it’ll get a comic.

We have enough Nazis in real life. Making Supergirl one is as foolish as making Captain America one. I don’t care that this storyline is based on the comics: you know we are in the middle of a fight against real Nazis, so unless Supergirl is going to punch Richard Spencer in the face, I don’t want it. I want my heroes punching Nazis, not my heroes becoming Nazis. Get your shit together, DC and Marvel.


Lego Dimensions is done.

Who asked for a Contra TV show?

Microsoft will make no more Kinect.

Lifehacker advises how to be a dick at board games.

Here’s a Zelda encyclopedia designed like an NES cartridge.

Reviews for Odyssey are full of praise–except for the controller and camera.

If Switch now accepts GameCube controllers, how long before Smash Bros gets another game?

Someone has figured out how to play the Animal Crossing mobile game now. Kotaku has a review.


Samuel L. Jackson teaches.

Fats Domino has passed away.

Patreon is now restricting NSFW and pornographic content.

Open Culture looks at 1970s Russian illustrations of The Hobbit.


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