Fandom Report for Oct 6 2017: Cancel the Apocalypse

Academia and Literature

Thanks to the many submissions on Poe, anime, zombies, comics, and more for the April 2018 meeting of the Northeast Modern Language Association! Chairs will be sending updates ASAP.

Speaking of NeMLA, my colleague there Benjamin Railton looks at Longmire.

Kazuo Ishiguro wins Nobel literature prize.

John McIntosh looks at Big Bang Theory and toxic masculinity.


Gaiman comes to Dark Horse.


We get a Bob’s Burgers movie.

Cartoon Research looks at William Hanna and more.

Anime and Manga

For more anime and manga updates, please visit JAMS Anime.

ID-0 comes to Netflix.

Sentai announces its Haikyu!! English cast.

One of my favorite anime is on sale on iTunes.

Animate convention is now happening in Miami.

Saikyo Jump announces the cast of Saiki K Season 2.

With Blade Runner getting its sequel, Anime News Network looks at its influence on Japanese pop culture. But evidently not this one.

Viz will play catch up publishing the English My Hero Academia manga.


We got the Pacific Rim sequel.

Video Games

Wii Shop goes away in 2019.


RIP Tom Petty.

Check out this mini-sculpture of Black Star David Bowie.

Piss Off, Republicans

Gun violence is horrifying. People at Disney like Bob Iger knew that before they started working in an administration that was for gun violence. Even though Iger has now left, his choice to align with a man like Trump, who threatens violence that normalizes the gun violence we have seen, saps any integrity from his statement against gun violence. Iger’s message is true; his authority is lacking.

You want to stop this madness? Then stop voting Republican. And don’t refer to his nonsense as “lewd”: he’s lewd, not the tape itself where he brags about assaulting women. That nonsense normalizes how men, including men on the left and video gamers, sexually abuse women and anyone else.

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