Fandom Report for Sep 28 2017: Punch Nazis, Not Dinosaurs

Unless they’re Nazi dinosaurs or dinosaur Nazis–then punch them.

Check back later today for a review of Star Trek Discovery–and it’s failure to do for this time period what previous iterations did for those eras.

And check in tomorrow for a review of DuckTales–specifically, what they’re doing with Gyro and GizmoDuck.


Huh–there’s someone actually having good things to say about DinoLand USA at Disney World.


Yeah, I screwed up the dates of the premiere.

Seaniccus looks at revisions to Donald Duck.

Given limitations for further discussion, I direct you to IndieWire for a review of the feminism of DuckTales, regarding Ma Beagle, and of course Webby and Beakley. But no mention of [SPOILER]?

My review about one of the two episodes will be here tomorrow, focusing on the portrayal of Gyro Gearloose.


Wes Anderson has another stop-motion film.

Cartoon Research looks at Laurel and Hardy animated, stop motion animation from the 1920s, and radio stars in animation.


For more anime news and analysis, visit JAMS Anime.

Anime Expo artist alley tables go on sale October 2.

Madhouse returns for Overlord but not One Punch Man? Blasphemy.

Blood Blockade Battlefront and more come to CrunchyRoll and Funimation.

The cast for the English dub of A Silent Voice will include Lexi Cowden, an actor who is deaf.

And thus we see why telling people to accept their part-time labor status may be a bad approach to improving an economy.


Nerds on Earth looks at Rainbow Rowell’s move to Marvel.

The Guardian determines why comics have left conventions.

The CW crossover is about Earth X and Barry and Iris’s wedd–…Wait, Barry’s not dead?


…What the fuck, Mario?


‘Cause after all the fanservice content I watch, yeah, sure, let’s make that a category now.

Given the content I write and teach, I’m hardly condemning sexual content: it’s not whether you represent sex that’s a problem–it’s when you write it badly, violently, without showing consent, and with turning moments of violence into entertainment with far more attention to that violence than accurate portrayals of the ramifications of such actions.

There are many men about whom I can say they have been champions of free speech, especially when it comes to treating sex as a part of life that is not something inherently deserving condemnation nor something that should be expected of all people or used as a marker to discredit, mock, or judge someone else: sexuality is a broad spectrum, shaming people for being sexually active is as deplorable as shaming people for not being sexually active.

I cannot see Hugh Hefner as one of those male pioneers–I did not find much about him admirable, and I found a lot more about him objectionable and shameful. Sex is normal, sex is part of life–and that was not his approach.

Literature and Art

I think you can closely associate that statement about the realities of sex to the process of turning people into sexualized objects. Exhibit A: Plath.

You too can have a cookbook portraits of East Village artists.

Mark Twain’s notes have been adapted into a children’s book.

We have Jared Leto instead of David Bowie in a Blade Runner sequel. This world sucks.

Piss Off, Republicans

Protesting against fascism is vital. Police brutality is part of it, whereas we have seen police violence has been directed predominantly against people who are not white. It is this white supremacy that normalized a monster like the man sitting in the White House.

So I ask, where applicable, why was that response not taken by actors, including in Star Trek Discovery, and athletes before Election Day 2016, when we needed Hillary Clinton, the only candidate on the left with a chance to win, who spoke repeatedly against white supremacy in her campaign, so that this fascist, this bigot, would not steal our country against the popular vote?

And this discussion has not yet pointed to those companies that supported Republicans like this fascist long before the 2016 election and ignored this very bigotry that has inspired the protests of taking a knee. I’m looking again at Warner Bros, Disney, and their divisions who had donated funds to or had their employees hired by this fascist, as well as companies like Comcast and Fox that gave this fascist a platform for decades.

You cannot divorce the content you enjoy from the companies who use the profits from such entertainment to advocate the fascism and bigotry of these Republicans: that means you either have awareness of the cognitive dissonance between the two, boycott the products–or use and re-interpret the products to undermine the very same Republicans these companies are funding.

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