Fandom Report for Sep 21 2017: Get Your Republican Hands Off Our Health Care

It’s been awhile since an update–so let’s see what’s happened this week, what I missed, and some older but significant content to share.

Anime and Manga

More anime and manga news is at JAMS Anime.

Abstracts for “Teaching Anime and Manga,” a session held in Pittsburgh in April, are due September 30 at

Zatch Bell game goes mobile.

Welcome, Android 21. Here’s how she was designed.

Cardcaptor Sakura film tickets go on sale September 30.

Please, keep telling me the Fullmetal Alchemist live action film looks bad.

Let’s go way back to 2011, when the Rurouni Kenshin OVA prompted complaints.

Lady Geek Girl looks at how magic serves as conceit for exploring the desires of supporting characters in Madoka Magica and Flip Flappers.

Old interview: Yoshihiro Togashi talks powering through work on YuYu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter.

…I mean, those are sales for volumes of graphic novels, not of comics. But yeah, United States comics are suffering in sales and narrative structure without applying what works in comics in other nations.


Because someone wanted a CW version of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch…again.

Cartoon Research looks at how the Sinking of the Alpena inspired Winsor McCay.

Superheroes and Vigilantes

The new Punisher trailer is out.

The Guardians is now on Amazon, along with a sale on Marvel Comics–so you can read their content before they turned Steve Rogers into a Nazi and had Perlmutter and Iger work for one. (More on that in a bit…)


Netflix Voltron returns October 13.

Channel Frederator looks at Tom and Jerry.

Cartoon Research talks about the original Elmer Fudd, Arthur Q. Bryan.


I’ve fallen into a Donald Duck pit of nostalgia. Send help.

Save me from emotional fan art, unmade Disney Afternoon shows, and really problematic portrayals in Three Caballeros before DuckTales starts up again on September 30 on Disney XD.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Linda Hamilton returns for Terminator.


Learn how to play board games.

Segata Sanshiro returns for noodles.

That’s one heck of a Werehog concept design.

This Ninja Turtle / Dungeons and Dragons unofficial crossover has to be better than when the animated series (two of them) did it.


Palgrave is publishing a new book on toxic geek masculinity.

There are multiple April 2018 Pittsburgh CFPs related to comics, zombies, and diversity and strong female characters in pop culture–with abstracts due September 30 at those links.

And abstracts to the Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association conference are due October 1.

And now for a new section of the Fandom Report called…

Piss off, Republicans

This is a space for discussing the intersection of pop culture and neanderthal, inhuman, feudal, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, white supremacist-supporting Republicans who not only debase the art we enjoy, pollute the geek communities we have created but, more importantly, are destroying our lives.

This is also an opportunity to condemn specific Republicans and their collaborators, while they proceed to blame the entertainment industry that hired this fascist instead of, you know, the awful voters who put him in, or specific people in entertainment who normalized this monster.

If this Republican fascist is going to dehumanize people, especially people I care about in my fan communities–and if web sites hardly capable of addressing politics from a pop culture perspective (*cough* AV Club *cough*), then I’m going to take to task those in pop culture who are not being absolutely clear in their condemnation of this pathetic, popular vote-losing, incompetent Republican and the fools who vote for or defend him.

For example, if you play kissy-face with a fascist’s Holocaust-denying spokesperson, no apologies are going to be enough: shame on Colbert, Corden, and the rest of those Emmy-attending fools who did not boo Sean Spicer.

And the same goes for Kimmel. You don’t get to correctly admonish these Republicans trying to kill people with their health care attack–after you put on Sean Spicer and act like everything is fine. You put on the same propagandist who was repeating these lies to take away our health care–not to mention promoted a bigot, a sexual assaulter, a misogynist, a fascist, and a Nazi defender. Fuck Sean Spicer–and people on the left who ever defended him because “he’s my friend!”

So, what to do now? Call your member of Congress and tell them to protect the ACA–because all of us benefit from it: it provides health care so those of us already with insurance do not have to pay as much for the bills’ of others; it expands our current health care provided to us privately or by employers; and it expands options to make as many of us as possible as healthy as possible.

Oh, and impeach and remove this shithead.

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