CFP: “Hollywood F. Scott Fitzgerald” and “New Approaches to Teaching Fitzgerald” (Northeast MLA, April 2018, Pittsburgh), submission deadline 9/30/17

The Last Tycoon is out on Amazon–so why not submit an abstract about it?

While F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short stories and The Great Gatsby continue to dominate scholarship and teaching, these conference calls for papers look at a wider scope of his literary output, including the stories and scripts he developed while in Hollywood.

The CFP “New Approaches to Teaching Fitzgerald” welcomes a wide range of proposals. And the scope of “Hollywood F. Scott Fitzgerald” is broad enough to focus on multiple ways in which Fitzgerald and California intersect: film adaptations, the place of Hollywood as a setting in his fiction like The Last Tycoon, and his last years living in the state.

300-word abstracts for “New Approaches to Teaching Fitzgerald” and “Hollywood F. Scott Fitzgerald” are due September 30th at those links. Please consider sharing the full CFPs below–and also consider submitting to NeMLA’s special event featuring F. Scott Fitzgerald biofiction novelist Stewart O’Nan!

New Approaches to Teaching Fitzgerald

This pedagogical roundtable welcomes proposals that offer innovations for teaching Fitzgerald’s many works. How does his literature speak to the Jazz Age and major moments in United States and global history? How can works such as The Great Gatsby clarify studies of ecology, urban environments, photography, and other topics? Proposals that consider the author’s lesser researched works are encouraged.

Hollywood F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s time in California remains under-researched. The MLA International Bibliography shows 50 scholarly works on The Last Tycoon, out of more than 2,300 scholarly works in that bibliography for just Fitzgerald. Contributors may be drawn from studies of literature and film, allowing this session to have cross-media appeal and addressing how Fitzgerald has been adapted for film. This session can focus not only on Fitzgerald’s time and writings from California but also how these later works recontextualize his earlier works, drawing new insights and reinvigorating these older texts. Submissions may consider works Fitzgerald wrote in California, including Tender Is the Night, The Last Tycoon, “The Pat Hobby Stories,” and his screenwriting for United Artists, MGM, and freelance, as well as his estrangement with Zelda, his alcoholism, and his death. Submissions that consider adaptations of Fitzgerald’s works for film are also welcome.

NeMLA Reads Together

These sessions coincide with NeMLA’s opening event, with Pittsburgh’s own Stewart O’Nan, author of fifteen novels, including Snow Angels (1994) and The Odds (2012), and with Stephen King, the bestselling nonfiction book Faithful (2004). His event at NeMLA, an on-stage interview, will be about his novel West of Sunset (2015), a work of biofiction about Fitzgerald’s time in Hollywood. NeMLA also has opportunities to submit questions to O’Nan–and even interview him for potential publication! Read more here to apply to interview O’Nan by September 30 (the same day when abstracts are due to the “Hollywood Fitzgerald” CFP).

The 49th Annual Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association will meet April 12 to 15, 2018, at Pittsburgh’s historic Omni William Penn.


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