Fandom Report for Jul 24 2017: San Diego Comic Con Edition

Remember when Comic Con was about comics?


Petra Mayer at NPR talks about marketing comics to children.

San Diego Public Library works with Comic Con on an education panel.

The New York Times talks to comics creator Gary Panter about religion and art.

Sonic the Hedgehog moves from Archie to what is likely a new continuity and creative team at IDW.

Cartoon Research Books publishes on Dreamy Dud by the creator of Little Nemo, Winsor McCay.

Marvel Comics

Here’s the Ant-Man and Wasp poster.

You could hunt down that Infinity War clip, or just stare at this poster and ask, “Did we really have to make Thanos into a CGI human thumb? And where the heck is everyone staring?

Here’s a new clip of the Big Hero 6 animated series.

Hulk got a haircut–but now is in the third-person again.

Nerdist summarizes new details about the Black Panther film.

Here’s the newest trailer for the X-Men television adaptation Gifted.

USA Today looks at the newest Defenders information–with the Punisher.

How can you make ABC’s Marvel shows worse? Take X-Men, sap all the civil rights allegory from it, make the villain have no superpowers to reinforce the eugenist nightmare of Inhumans, add lackluster CGI, then release it on IMAX to make the television budget look even worse. Ike Perlmutter continues to ruin Marvel–thanks, Disney.

Marvel, let’s talk. I know Guardians of the Galaxy worked as a nostalgia trip to the 1970s and 1980s. I know you want to do the same with the 1990s and Captain Marvel. I know you do this also to retroactively add in the more fantastic outer space elements earlier to the Cinematic Universe timeline, including adding the Skrulls, which you somehow got out of Rupert Murdoch’s awful fingers. But, really? You can’t have Captain Marvel set now? Will the film do something good to respond against sexism of the 1990s, or will it be steeped in that same sexism of the time period?

DC Comics

Here’s a Supergirl figure.

Here’s a look at Gotham Season 4.

Here’s a look at designs for new and returning Young Justice animated characters. Here’s more information.

We’re getting evil Batmen from the multiverse–and not a Batman who likes nachos? Blasphemy.

Gotham by Gaslight, Suicide Squad, and The Death of Superman get animated–with 100% less Adam Baldwin this time, I hope.

Carl Lumbly returns not as J’onn J’onnz but his father in Supergirl. And, for some reason, Adrian Pasdar is not on Agents of SHIELD but now the head of Intergang.

So, we’re just going to Flashpoint the DC cinematic universe this early, huh? Well, skip Justice League then: Wonder Woman was good, Man of Steel was shit, and I will not sit through Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Boredom.


MRAs (Men Regretting Anything) will now whine about Ghostbusters being ninjas and turtles.

Oh, and the 2016 film is getting a comic and likely a film sequel.


Rocko’s Modern Life meets the new century.

Jim Cummings is still working: don’t you dare re-cast him as Darkwing.

Speaking of Jim Cummings: Niko and the Sword of Light got picked up by Amazon. And look, it has veterans of voice acting. Huh. Imagine that. (I will now glare at DuckTales.)

Toon Zone covers the Miraculous Ladybug SDCC panel.

The trailer for the next 13 episodes of Netflix’s Voltron is out.

Regular Show creator J. G. Quintel brings his new animated series to TBS.

Ready Player One was not the Iron Giant sequel I was expecting, Spielberg.

Rob Paulsen’s podcast is now on Nerdist, featuring Billy West giving you the Futurama / Back to the Future parallel you crave.

It bothers me that the Hey Arnold continuation seems more faithful to the original series than the overly talkative DuckTales reboot clip.

Anime and Manga

Saiki K returns for a second season.

You got one more season of Fairy Tail.

Hunter x Hunter film comes Spring 2018.

Code Geass and Slayers come to CrunchyRoll.

Stan Lee’s new Japanese animated series announces its English cast.

Netflix’s United States Death Note doesn’t seem to impress IGN too much.

The Sports Festival Blu-Ray cover and more My Hero Academia art is out.

Original cast members and some new-to-Sentai actors show up in the Ushio and Tora reboot English dub.

Funimation revamps (pun intended) its home video release for the vampire anime Servamp. Oh, and some crappy NSFW anime.

One Piece

There has to be a funny “Get to Chopper!” joke here.

Jump releases a thank you video for the series’s 20th anniversary.

Stop making live-action adaptations of animation. Stop treating animation as a flaw.


RIP Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.

RIP Masaaki Hirao, composer for Galaxy Express.

Ars Technica review Aphex Twin’s musical collection.


Open Culture looks at how insomnia influenced Franz Kafka.

Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon star in HBO’s adaptation of Fahrenheit 451.

The United Kingdom blocks Ehsan Abdollahi from entering the Edinburgh book festival.

Chawton House Library, site of Jane Austen’s manuscripts, seeks funds to support itself.

Video Games

A Shantae art book is coming in 2018.

The drum game Taiko no Tatsujin will be released in English.

Here’s new gameplay of the Little Witch Academia video game.

My 3DS hasn’t been working in two months: please buy me the New 2DS XL.


Supernatural gets a spinoff.

Here’s a Robocop vs The Terminator figure.

MGM has a streaming service that will carry Stargate.

Vincent Price guest stars in Stranger Things. …Oh, if only.

I am fascinated how the newest Doctor will affect the attire of her and future ones, regardless their gender.

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