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Fandom Report for Jul 20 17: Jodie Whittaker is the Doctor

And the Doctor’s daughter gets an audio drama.

Star Wars

You got your Poe in my Star Wars!

Disney World is adding a Star Wars hotel.

Mouse Planet analyzes the new Star Wars parks.


The Incredibles 2 starts right at the end of the previous film.

Pixar thinks unicorns are like raccoons taking trash out of your garbage can.

The D23 convention hosted voice actors BJ Ward, Peter Renaday, Fred Tatasciore, Corey Burton, and more.

I care more about the reunion of Lion King actors and creator than Jon Favreau’s creepy hyper-realistic rotoscoping remake.

This is where I interrupt the news aggregate to repeat my earlier point: stop remaking animated films like this and Aladdin as pseudo-live action.

While these remakes do not erase the history of the earlier films, they also add little new beyond a few important changes, such as regarding Belle’s knowledge and intelligence that was already implicit to the original Beauty and the Beast but which gains greater scope in the remake, but largely just a visual difference. That decision continues to act as if 2D animation is a flaw that has to be corrected through 3D computer animation. It’s not a flaw–it was a choice of its time period and ignores the integration of CGI animation in films of that era, including the Cave of Wonders and the Flying Carpet and the wildebeest stampede.

And this does not touch upon the long list of problems in re-adapting Aladdin, which is orientalist and arabesque in that it is a Western imaginary setting.

Let earlier animated films stand on their own. A re-make should be done when the previous iteration has flaws in its time of production and in our time of reception. I do not see enough wrong in the originals to justify a re-make when a sequel or a spiritual successor would be more appropriate than re-hashing the same story without fixing technique, narrative, characterization, diversity, and far more important problems than “Look, you now maybe get to see Hugh Jackman’s face in Scar’s face–OH GOD, WHAT HORROR HAVE WE UNLEASHED?!”

Speaking of 2D animation…


Check out Maël Gourmelen’s 2D short, “The Inspector and the Umbrella.”

Fox Animation goes to Hulu.

Dave Bossert at Cartoon Research discusses the choices made in restoring old films, including the Oswald animated short “Empty Socks.”

Cartoon Research also looked back at Joe Besser’s acting for animation.

Anime and Manga

More news is updated daily at the JAMS Anime Twitter account.

The Godzilla anime trailer dropped.

A new Fate anime comes to Netflix in November.

Amazon gets exclusive rights to Animeism shows.


Dragon Ball not only re-uses plotlines but also animation.

Christopher A. Born looks at Confucius in Naruto and Bleach.

The Ghibli Lupin film arrives in United States theaters in September.

You can have puppet Tentomon, but you’re stuck with a guy in an Etemon furry suit.

My Hero Academia

My review of the current Stain arc will be posted, at latest, after the dub of the arc is finished. Funimation is currently on a two-week delay dubbing, but the Japanese subtitled episodes are added every Saturday morning at CrunchyRoll.

My Hero Academia goes fantasy for a special event. Here’s the information in English.

And My Hero Academia gets a new album–with the Monkees on the cover.

Marvel Comics

RIP Joan Lee, the voice behind Madame Web on Spider-Man and the wife of Stan Lee.

I don’t care about Squirrel Girl. Give me all of the Great Lakes Avengers, not just two of them.


Yellow Submarine comes to comics.

The 2016 Ghostbusters get their own comic.

NPR’s Petra Mayer asks comics creators what comics mean to them.

Brian Austyn, Mike Mignola, and P. Craig Russell’s Batman: Gotham by Gaslight gets animated.

Please make The Tick live-action remake look more like this trailer–funny, quirky–and not the drab Fight Club Christopher Nolan grim and nihilistic redux the pilot was going for.

What has been obvious for a while is now official: Sega has pulled Sonic the Hedgehog from Archie Comics. And another part of my childhood disappears until a(nother) awkwardly handled legally mandated reboot happens.

Also, people should really hire John Gray for their illustrative needs.

Video Games

Atari is releasing a new system.

Kingdom Hearts adds Toy Story.

Castlevania on Netflix gets a second season.

The Gintama video games does what the series does best: troll you.

A fan-made game makes the Mega Man version of Super Mario Maker.


Middlemarch gets a web series.

Dan Harmon is adapting Vonnegut.


Stranger Things returns in October.

Constantine replaces Kermit the Frog.

RIP George Romero. His Night of the LIving Dead is getting a 4K re-release.

Yes, when I was a child, my Darkwing Duck Halloween costume helped me persevere.


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