Fandom Report for Jun 29 17: Prelude to Anime Expo

I’ll be presenting at Anime Expo starting tomorrow, and reporting from Los Angeles for JAMS Anime. For more Fandom Report on anime, manga, and video games, click here.

And for advice on packing for Anime Expo and other conventions, click here.

Anime and Cosplay

Here’s your Death Note poster.

There is a web series of awkward comedy and cosplay.

Stan Lee and Hiroshi Nagahama’s The Reflection superhero anime will have the Hulk as an idol singer.


The new opening for My Hero Academia is out, along with a preview poster, character models, and casting info.


“Yakko’s World” gets another update.

Funko brings new Looney Tunes figures to San Diego Comic Con.


30 DC animated films are being released in one collection.

What fool thought it was a good idea to replace Rhodey with the Punisher?

Tag Hobby has new Homecoming merchandise featuring Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Cartoon Research continues its look at animators as comics artists, with Hanna Barbera’s Harvey Eisenberg.


Tekken is now cock fighting.

There’s a new Super Mario version of Monopoly.

YellowSuperNintendo looks at the Game Boy Player for GameCube.

The theme to Super Mario Odyssey is getting re-worked in earlier games.

Kotaku looks at female pro gamers and the women responsible for Dungeons & Dragons.


David Sedaris talks writing.

LeVar Burton has a podcast on reading.

The author of Paddington Bear, Michael Bond, has passed away at age 91.


Here’s “The Scream” with Pink Floyd.

Weird Al gets a Hollywood star–and covers Hamilton.

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