#FandomReport for Jun 22 17: Your health care’s more important than your fandom

Your health care is more important than your fandom.

Looking for more news on anime, manga, and video games? Check out the Fandom Report at JAMS Anime.

Wonder Woman

Joss…What are you doing?

Gail Simone returns to writing Conan–in a Wonder Woman crossover.


Hellboy joins the Cold War.

Destroyer looks at the Frankenstein’s monster story and police shootings of black children.

The Saturday Morning Rewind podcast interviews Robin himself, Burt Ward, about Adam West and his dog charity Gentle Giants.

Mask of the Phantasm comes to Blu-Ray.

Superboy Jonathan Kent gets an action figure.

DC Comics releases Adam West’s guest spot on Powerless.

Fox buys into Boom Studios–because we can’t have nice things without Murdoch getting his grimy hands all over them.

Anime Expo

FLCL trailer arrives July 2.

Bandai Namco execs will host a panel

.Anime News Network has a list of events.

Anohana finally got a dub–which will premiere at Anime Expo.

I’m not going to stop telling you I’m presenting at and reporting from Anime Expo.

CrunchyRoll has coupons for its Premium Members to buy their merch at the con.

Anime and Manga

Berserk is on hiatus.

The Tokyo Anime Center closes in July

Humble Bundle has more than 45 volumes of Fairy Tail for $15.

Ghibli Fest starts next week and runs all summer, with subbed and dubbed films in theaters.


Book of Life 2 is coming.

We got a Rocko continuation.

RIP Stephen Furst, the best Fan Boy.

Funko is now making Rick and Morty cosplay accessories.

Cartoon Research has a series of articles about Cab Calloway in animation.


Your Pokemon shame you.

.Nimbus from Dragon Ball is now VR.

$10 for Switch steering wheels–not bad.

Here’s an augmented reality Super Mario.

Kotaku talks with Insomniac about Spider-Man.

Classic Sega games come to smartphones–for free.


Girl Scouts will give cybersecurity badges.

Canada makes all new smartphones unlocked.

New footage is out for the Blade Runner sequel.

The AV Club has free tickets to the MST3K live show.

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