Fandom Report for Jun 15 2017: I’m presenting on teaching and melancholia at Anime Expo

We got E3, Black Panther, the new DuckTales opening, and reflections on Adam West and Batman ’66, so a lot is happening.

Oh, and I’m presenting at Anime Expoagain. More on that in a bit.

Black Panther

The new trailer is out.

io9 talks Black Panther and black cosplayers.

The poster is not very good–as I discussed.

Elle talks with the film’s costume designer about Black Lives Matter and activism.

Wonder Woman

Fearless Girl is now Wonder Woman.

The AV Club reflects on the intersection of reviewing and critical gender analysis in contemporary online writing, with Wonder Woman as the primary text.

RIP Adam West

Batman ‘66 introduced me to superheroes. Adam West was how I learned about Batman. When I was four, Freeform–back then, the Family Channel–aired Batman ‘66 all the time, and I was hooked. I did not get the adult humor, and I was just thrilled at how cartoonish it was, something akin to the other shows–DuckTales, Ninja Turtles–I was watching at the time. So much of the camp was necessary to make these epic, super-powerful heroes appealing rather than grim, humorless cliche shells.

Plus, there is something so joyful that Pat Robertson, a bigoted awful human being, was broadcasted on his Family Channel one of the most homoerotic superhero shows possible–because Pat Robertson is that dumb.

If it was not for Adam West, I wouldn’t be so invested in comics. I wrote before about how much I loved the Adam West series, and West’s last role will be in a sequel to the animated Batman ‘66 film, with all of his lines recorded. (But given the long process of animation, and the frequent need to re-record lines for ADR, I imagine someone will be substituting for West, likely Jeff Bennett, who substituted for West as Proto in the Brave and the Bold video game–which means, like Steve Blum and others, Bennett will have played both Batman and the Joker.)

This is too campy and too sad not to cry.

Los Angeles tonight lights up the Bat Signal.

Anime Expo

Digimon Tri will get a premiere, with the English cast present.

Tokyo Ghoul live-action premieres. 

Full Metal Panic has a 15th anniversary panel.

Fullmetal Alchemist will have a panel for its live action film.

The schedule for some industry events is now online.

I’ll be presenting on two panels, on both melancholia and happiness in anime–which is about as tonally dissonant as Gintama. There will be tears.

Anime and Manga

This headline hurts.

A Pluto anime is coming.

Sailor Moon meets Sanrio.

Check out this Ultraman figure.

Dudes need blush stickersstill.

So is a new Patlabor–thank goodness.

You too can wear a Patamon on your head.

New footage from the Tokyo Ghoul live-action film is out.

I would say Italy has shit tastes–but it was that film or Pirates of the Caribbean, so pick your poison.

Old news: the creator of Gintama talked in 2013 about how much money mangaka actually make off of anime adaptations.


Cartoon Brew looks at Midas Touch automatic 2D animation.

Cartoon Research listens to Don Knotts on album and Popeye on television.

Check out “The Heist” by SuperBrankman for geometric bank robbery Game Boy goodness.

Henry Selick and the Russo Brothers are adapting the video game Little Nightmares for television.

In the new DuckTales opening title sequence, I spot Gyro and his Helper, Glomgold, Beagle Boys, some thin parrot I don’t recognize, kung-fu Mrs. Beakley, and no GizmoDuck or Magica. But hey, the mummy alludes to the same moment in the original series’ opening titles, and the way that mummy is defeated is similar to the Capcom video game. The addition of the Number One Dime as part of the musical score and the comic book panel format are great, but the singing’s audio needs to be boosted.


Xenoblade 2 is coming.

You got another Metroid.

The SAG-AFTRA strike disrupts casting.

Capcom giveth, Capcom taketh away.

The Legend of Zelda’s Link comes to Skyrim.

Here’s the new Dragon Ball video game trailer.

Guys, don’t make Mario a dinosaur: it’ll just remind people of that awful live-action film.

Here are the references to previous games in Mario’s new costumes. There may even be one to the DiC animated series.

Wait a minute–Super Mario 64 already did the hat possession! …Granted, it’s a game mod that came out _after_ the Odyssey trailer, but I’m going to ignore those facts and stick to my original lie-filled remark!


TARDIS are now free libraries.

Stephen King has been honored. Enjoy your impeachment, you dumb sack of manure.


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