Fandom Report for June 1, 2017: Howl’s Moving Theme Park

Studio Ghibli

They’re opening a theme park in 2020.

Miyazaki talks about his favorite children’s books.

They have an art exhibit running to May 2018 on its animated food.

Anime and Manga

Jump gets a dance manga.

Some people have shit taste.

Anime Feminist looks at women in JoJo.

The new Digimon films debuts on September 30.

The Spice & Wolf manga will conclude with Volume 16.

Hunter x Hunter returns to manga in Japan and the United States.

CrunchyRoll has info on the actors and designs for Dragon Ball’s new female Saiyan characters.

The Tokyo Ghoul film streams June 2 and is licensed by Funimation for North American theaters.

Toei is animating a children’s series called Buttocks Detective, written and illustrated by an author named Troll. You heard me.


They’re going to re-cast Yakko with Alec Baldwin, aren’t they?

Speaking of which: Boss Baby gets a sequel. Meanwhile, still waiting on that Incredibles sequel to come out.

Cartoon Brew looks at Mexican animators at Ideatoon and animators in Nigeria.

Cartoon Research looks at Cuban influence on the Miami animators behind Popeye.


Stop whining about women-only Wonder Woman screenings, you misogynistic twits.

With Supergirl Season 2 concluded, it’s important to look back at how the show portrayed James, poorly.

Gina Prince-Bythewood is now the first black woman to direct a studio’s superhero film, this one about Black Cat and Silver Sable.


Monster Hunter comes to Switch.

Nintendo has a new Pokemon app.

Nintendo bans hacked 3DS systems.

The Splatoon voice chat has tiny cords.


Square Enix promises Kingdom Hearts III is happening.

Nerds on Earth looks at board games for children’s growing minds.


Here are ways to be nerdy for $5 per month.

Ben & Jerry’s campaigns for same sex marriage in Australia by banning mixed-flavor ice cream.


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