Fandom Report for May 25, 2017

Your DuckTales / Hamilton fanfic is now canon.


Fairy Tail ends in 10 chapters.

Here is a plastic printer Voltron.

Little Witch Academia comes to Netflix June 30.

Here are images from the newest Digimon stage production.

A director working in the industry for 20 years is making less than $15,000 per year.


Check out this Wolverine figure.

Robert Wells talks about health problems through graphic narrative.

Lauren Faust is bringing Super Hero Girls from web series to TV series.

Sophie Labelle, a comic artist who is transgender, has been receiving death threats.

Joss Whedon will have now directed both The Avengers and Justice League, wrapping up Zack Snyder’s work.

Daily Kos looks at diversity and the Legion of Superheroes‘ Ferro Lad–who was killed off before his race was revealed.


SpongeBob is renewed.

He got back. Back to the past.

Pixar starts a new shorts department.

Cartoon Research listens to Jungle Book musical remixes–that don’t involve Christopher Walken.


Nintendo Switch game controllers go retro.

A fifth grader who is blind writes to Nintendo about playing Rhythm Heaven.


New Sylvia Plath poems discovered.

With the new Netflix adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, Samantha Ellis writes about what the book taught her.


WGA has a new film and TV contract.


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