Fandom Report for May 18 2017: Why aren’t you watching “Bungo”?

Anime, Manga, and Sentai

Lupin comes to Toonami.

Yuri on Ice comes to cinemas.

The Code Geass trailer arrives.

Dragon Ball gets McDonald’s toys.

Detective Conan beat Guardians of the Galaxy.

Shout Factory has an online Sentai marathon.

More images of the Tokyo Ghoul play are out. And then more.

Bungo Stray Dogs and JoJo get mobile games.

Legends of the Galactic Heroes get a new cast.

Mamoru Hosoda goes back to time travel with a new film.

Death Note producer talks whitewashing in Netflix adaptation.

CrunchyRoll and Kotaku look at declining Shonen Jump sales…which someone already covered.

Marvel Comics

Deadpool gets animated.

Marvel still doesn’t get diversity: they’re ending Black Panther.

DC on TV (Spoilers)


Supergirl: So you fly Air Force One at an alien horde–that seems kind of dumb, Alex Jones Lizard President. But hey, we got Cat Grant back! …Which was then mired by Mon-El being an even more useless boyfriend to rescue, and his mom being creepy around Lena.

Lucifer: Not a great way to write mental illness, show, and a frustrating way to introduce God without actually having him there. Tom Ellis still is delightful while bringing more menace to an increasingly furious Lucifer.

The Flash: HR did something stupid, Savitar is more a metaphor about self-hate than an actual character, they’re teasing that Cisco is about to go full-on 2011 Panthro (trigger warning), Joe and Iris get good interactions before she’s dead–and I don’t care about this misogynistic “fridge Iris” arc. Oh, and Snart is still dead–because the universe hates us.

Oh, and Black Lightning won’t be part of the Arrow-verse–because again, the universe hates us.

And Powerless is cancelled--because, as with Constantine, NBC hates DC.

Comic Books

Hellboy gets a live-action reboot.

Maybe don’t market Wonder Woman with diet products, DC.


Disney recalls a mug.

A Gorillaz series is coming.

Cartoon Research looks at Robert McKimson’s short for Warner Bros, “The Hole Idea” and Peanuts audio records.

The Breadwinner, about an Afghan girl living during the Taliban’s control, has a North American release date.


A new 2DS is coming out.

New info is out about ARMS.

UNIQLO makes Nintendo clothes.

Zelda comes to Clue and smartphones. Still waiting on the Animal Crossing smartphone game, Nintendo…

Video Games

Witcher comes to Netflix.

Disney artist draws Chun-Li.

Tokyo Tower commemorates Final Fantasy.

I already drew Sonic the Hedgehog OCs–so my time has come.

The Society for Classical Studies looks at teaching with video games.

Star Trek

Discovery has a trailer that is less about discovery and more about war–and the Klingons look like Jem’Hadar to me.

Will, no. Will–Will…Will, no. Stop. Stop digging. You’re not helping–Why the hell are you using “dear”?! Just stop! Stop, Will. Stop!

Literature and Language

Jordan Peele is adapting Lovecraft.

Stephen Fry is Holmes. A different Holmes.

NPR talks podcasts, grammar, and audiobooks.

No, really–why aren’t you watching Bungo Stray Dogs? It’s got F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louisa May Alcott, Lovecraft, and Poe. And when is this series getting dubbed, Funimation?


MP3 is now effectively open-source.

Dark Crystal gets a prequel at Netflix.

Wait, didn’t Full Metal Panic already do this?

The Mary Sue looks at the “Born Sexy Yesterday” trope.

Marc Maron interviews MST3K hosts Joel Hodgson and Jonah Ray.


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