Fandom Report for April 27, 2017

Marvel wants people to dress as fascists? Yeah, Chris Evans already had a thing to say about fascists.


There is a Dragon Ball VR.

Sailor Moon on ice! And as a board game!

Ajin gets a good review for adapting manga.

Himōto! Umaru-chan has its English dub cast.

The Big O Season 1 returns to Toonami online.

Images are out for the Tokyo Ghoul live-action film.

Another YuYu Hakusho RPG mobile game is coming.

You got the Fullmetal Alchemist live-action trailer in English.

Here’s why some OVAs don’t get distributed in the United States.

This is the worst manga version of Back to the Future I have ever heard.


Mel Blanc wants you to know Bugs Bunny is not gay.

Animated Views looks at Tangled: Before Ever After.

Cartoon Research looks at Hanna-Barbera press releases.

Here’s comic book art by Looney Tunes animator Tom McKimson.

Marvel Comics

Christopher Priest writes Inhumans for comics.

Okay. If you’re putting Mister Immortal and Squirrel Girl into New Warriors, this sounds much more like Great Lakes Avengers.

Yes, you too can dress like a fascist–and Dan Slott can’t say anything about it. Keep going, Marvel: you blame diversity, you have your CEOs at Marvel and Disney working with a fascist, and you’re losing my dollar. Hell, I’m not going to see Guardians, and you cut Nathan Fillion from that.

DC Comics

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is trying to help a cancer patient see the film early.

DC on TV is still ongoing: posts will return soon. The short version: these seasons have become disappointing. Legends of Tomorrow broke more rules than usual, The Flash is milking a dull mystery on top of again associating mental health problems with supervillainy, and Supergirl swapped out so many storylines to fixate on Mon-El, the most boring man in the multiverse. Please let Lucifer come back soon–like, next week.

Video Games

Rick and Morty goes VR.

Play Breath of the Wild as 2D.

Trump hates World of Warcraft.

Here’s some Mega Man cosplay.

Nintendo’s Genyo Takeda is retiring.

Kotaku imagines a Nintendo 64 Classic.

Call me when Pikachu advertises Popeye’s Chicken.

Amy Green has developed a video game about cancer.

Anime News Network talk the Disney Afternoon Capcom collection.


The X Files gets another season.

Speaking of which: people are trolling Trump’s xenophobic anti-immigration hotline by calling about aliens…extraterrestrials. Because that is how you embarrass these fools and vote them out.

Canada wants you to bury your underwear in your garden. And that’s still smarter than how Republicans voted in this last election.


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