Fandom Report for April 20, 2017: “Where in the world…?”

Anime, Manga, and Japanese Art

Anime Expo’s academic panels are accepting abstracts until May 19.

Another Yu-Gi-Oh series premieres May 10.

Anime and manga retailer Animate creates an international store.

TV Japan will carry the newest Kamen Rider series in the United States.

The live-action Ghost in the Shell is still a thing–so here’s Adam Savage talking about Weta’s design work.

My Hero Academia is now a puzzle game.

Shameless plug: I reviewed the newest My Hero Academia episode, and it is the best one yet. Check out the review for comparisons of manga panels to anime screencaps, as well as a GIF tossed in.




Gorillaz may get an animated series.

Carmen Sandiego will be a Netflix animated series.

Walter Matthau talks Mel Blanc, learn the origin story of Batfink, and more at Cartoon Research.

DC Comics

Whedon confirmed for Batgirl film.

Michael McElhatton joins Justice League.

The Krypton trailer is out. Too Man of Steel, not enough Mon-El getting crushed by a meteorite. (I know–the timing is off, and Mon-El is a Daxamite.)

Marvel Comics

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will direct Captain Marvel.

Spider-Man will be in upcoming Avengers films, and there will be no R-rated Marvel Studio movies.

We got the Cloak & Dagger trailer.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 will have five post-credit sequences, and James Gunn will return for the third film.

Video Games

We may get a Super NES Mini.

Rick and Morty enter Grand Theft Auto.


You too can wear a Star Trek: The Next Generation swimsuit.

Give Labyrinth’s Ludo a hug!

You got a Last Jedi trailer. The Mark Hamill fanart has begun.


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