Fandom Report for Thursday, April 13, 2017: “WTF, Marvel Comics?!”

Because I’ve been catching up on reviews of DC on TV, Loki, and My Hero Academia, and giving presentations on Japanese Spider-Man, Edgar Allan Poe in Bungo Stray Dogs, and representations of disabilities in superhero texts, there’s a lot of ICYMI news this week.

Oh, and Marvel? Diversity is not why you have a problem. Don’t you dare blame that for declining sales when your CEO works for a bigot.

Anime and Manga

Call for papers: Anime Expo seeks academic presentations on anime and manga. Deadline May 19.

Here’s info on all the multiverse characters in Dragon Ball Super.

Ghost in the Shell underperforms in the United States, performs pretty well in Japan. Maybe it’s because the film can be seen in Japan as an adaptation of a familiar work, whereas here in the United States it’s another example of whitewashing. And maybe it’s because the film in Japan at least brought back the characters’ previous actors to dub it into Japanese.

The restoration on Speed Racer looks pretty good.

Attack on Titan stage play suspended after someone dies.

There is Sailor Moon color-changing lipstick.

My Hero Academia

The series may get an expanded season.

We got zombies.

Shameless plug: I’ve been reviewing the new season–and it’s off to a great start, keeping what worked from last season and fixing some problems along the way. I’m behind on reviews, but they’re coming.


Aardman goes stone age in Early Man.

Cartoon Research talks music in Popeye.


We’ve created peak comics: Clueless gets an adaptation, while my Emma/Bungo Stray Dogs crossover fanfiction languishes. And The Librarians gets a comic, because given enough time, everything will be adapted as a comic.

Joss Whedon may direct a Batgirl film. Mary Ellen Iatropoulos and I talk briefly about how the film may approach representations of disability.

Marvel Comics

The company must fire these stupid men who keep talking shit about diversity while their CEO works for a bigot in the White House.

Speaking of which: Iron Fist still sucks. We can’t get a good Iron Fist, in part because the creators cannot shut up their stupid remarks–so fan producers come to the rescue.

Also: how do you insert antisemitic content in your own comic?! You do violence to people who are Jewish and Muslim with this nonsense, as it now feeds the typical islamophobic nonsense by conservative idiots (which is redundant). Cut that shit out. What is wrong with you this week?! Fix your house, Marvel!

Sigh…At least Shameik Moore is Miles Morales in the animated Spider-Man film.

Will.I.Am is making a comic at Marvel.


I don’t know who asked for a John Cena talking bull movie–but it’s here, apparently.

Why couldn’t Wreck-It Ralph just do more video games?


Nintendo is ending production of the NES Classic.

Someone got us a 3D map of Animal Crossing.

You can 3D-print a better Switch dock.

A child made a cardboard Switch.

Switch may be hackable.

Square Enix releases Seiken Densetsu to Switch.

Video Games

Game developers fight bigots with donations, sending money to Girls Make Games.

There is a Tetris business card.


Weird Al is releasing a new album!

The Guardian looks at feminist science fiction.

I got a chance to watch the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 early before Friday’s debut–and it was hilarious.

Sesame Street introduces a character with autism.

Disney is releasing a Star Wars online series focusing on the female characters.


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