Fandom Report for March 16, 2017

Bon voyage, One Piece.


Yuki Yuna is a video game.

Dragon Ball Z comes to Monopoly.

Outlaw Star and Gundam come to home video.

Overlord and Mr. Osomatsu get second seasons.

Open Culture looks at early 20th-century anime.

Laughing Under Clouds gets adapted for animation.

Johnny Yong Bosch is releasing his band’s final album.

Detective Conan comes to the Monster Hunter video game.

Yu-Gi-Oh gets another series with even weirder hairstyles.

I did not need to know the force behind an anime nosebleed.

The cast of The Devil Is A Part-Timer return for an audio drama.

A Godzilla anime and a new Devilman series are coming to Netflix.

Someone unearthed a 1998 article on Cowboy Bebop for Animage.

A horror anthology series comes to TV Tokyo, Sekai no Yami Zukan.

New footage is out of the Blade of the Immortal live-action adaptation.

Another teaser to the premiere of My Hero Academia Season 2, and more info on an OVA.

Toonami replaces One Piece with Tokyo Ghoul. Luffy left the programming block to become ambassador to Israel.


Mickey Mouse is the Rocketeer.

A Duck Tales teaser alludes to Carl Barks’s 1966 comic.

Disney releases trailer for Coco, capitalizing on Mexican culture–at the same time their CEO works for that bigot in the White House.


Cartoon Brew looks at upcoming European animation.

The return of Samurai Jack brings a reflection on Aku’s actor, Mako, as well as 1.5 million viewers.


Legion is renewed.

Zazaie Beetz is Domino.

Riri Williams appears in an MIT commercial.

The new X-Men television series is titled Gifted.

ILM released behind the scenes video about Doctor Strange.

The bad reviews of Iron Fist keep coming. And it seems people working on it aren’t paying attention to intersectionality.

DC Comics

The Batman film gets a rewrite.

I reviewed the loss of romance and parents in this week’s episodes of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.


The Russos will adapt Valiant’s Quantum and Woody.

Here’s an interview with Andy Mangels, writing Wonder Woman ‘77 Meets The Bionic Woman.

The Legend of Zelda

The new Zelda game has a drag performer.

The crew explains why they removed Link’s hat.


Pokewalker maxes out.

Nintendo DSi Shop ends March 31.

New information on Fire Emblem Echoes amiibo functionality.

You can draw with a Switch Joy-Con. And evidently it’s not that hard to paint a Joy-Con.

Video Games

Firestorm joins Injustice 2.

Funimation sponsors eSports.

You’re getting a Steven Universe RPG.

Duck Tales and other Capcom video games will be re-released.

Monster Hunter XX cross over with Zelda, Ace Attorney, and more.


Mr. Robot returns in October.

We’re getting a Kurosawa Masque of the Red Death adaptation.

Frank Oz talks Muppets, and here’s some video of Jim Henson showing how to make puppets.

Buffy is genocide, evidently. I think this argument overlooks a lot in the original series, especially regarding later seasons subverting the “vampires are evil” idea, and when Angel was there since Episode 1. And Twilight still sucks.

Just for Fun

Have some bunny bread.

A mascot plays the drums.


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