Fandom Report for March 2, 2017

My Hero Academia premieres its English dub the same day as its Japanese premiere. And adults are licking Nintendo games–because they have awful taste…the games and the adults.

My Hero Academia Season 2

New footage is out, including its new theme song, along with color character models, including of Class 1B.

And the season may be 24 episodes.

The season will premiere its English subtitled and dubbed versions the same day it premieres in Japan.

Anime and Manga

Miyazaki’s back.

One Piece goes filler.

Discotek has new anime releases on Blu-Ray.

Staff from Psycho-Pass and Blue Exorcist are putting together a new Gatchaman series.

There is a Tokyo Ghoul new season? There isn’t a Tokyo Ghoul new season?

Digimon Tri Part 4 comes to CrunchyRoll.

Panty and Stocking get a cafe.

D.Gray-man home video release cancelled.

The One-Punch Man Blu-Ray will come with six original episodes.

Yutaka Yamamoto, the creator of Wake Up, Girls!, crowd-funds for a new title.

The Blu-Ray release of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex has technical difficulties.

Someone translated Nozomu Sasaki’s 1993 interview about his performance in YuYu Hakusho.

Goboiano looks a changing demographics in anime. Please let that demographic reduce the sexism and objectification, please.


Animation World Network interviews GKids executives Eric Beckman and Dave Jesteadt about independent animation.

Adult Swim blocks Samurai Jack from showing dog anatomy.

Oh, and there are reviews of Samurai Jack’s new season, which will be its final season.

Dark Horse releases an art book for The Venture Bros.


The new DuckTales trailer is out…and could we have anyone else playing the nephews, please? You know, like real voice actors? At least Tennant is good as Scrooge.

Tron may be coming back. Maybe? I don’t know–it’s been so long.

Maker Studios is cutting YouTube accounts.

Milo Murphy’s Law and Star vs. The Forces of Evil are renewed, the latter having just featured Disney’s first animated same-sex kisses.

Andreas Deja, the animator behind Gaston, Jafar, Scar, Hercules, and other Disney characters, featured in a San Francisco museum exhibit.

There may be queer representation in the live-action Beauty and the Beast. As frustrated as I am with this obsession to make live-action version of animation, with an implication that somehow animation is subordinate to live-action, I can appreciate some work by Disney to fix gaps in the stories and characters of earlier works. Given the tone of this article, however, I fear this is baiting viewers or risks mocking persons on the basis of their sexuality.

Marvel Comics

The Avengers get another anime.

Ms. Marvel gets a fan film.

The Miles Morales Spider-Man animated film will have Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch as a story contributor.

Ta-Nehisi Coates talks black superheroes.

DC Comics

My reviews of Supergirl and The Flash are coming up–with a lot of complaining about whitewashing shows, boring and disrespectful bro romantic leagues, and not enough gorilla vs speedster fighting.

Vixen and Static Shock come to home video.

Lego Batman director working on a Nightwing movie.

Batman gets a Kickstarter board game and a card game.

Superman knocks down the walls of bigotry for the ACLU–which is better than what some in DC’s management has done by joining this fascist’s administration.


The Internet debates Garfield’s gender.

Nicole Miles discusses “how I learned to draw black people like me.”

Comic book writer Tom Taylor refuses to come to United States conventions thanks to our nation’s police state tactics. If you didn’t vote Clinton, shit like this is your fault.


Kotaku reviews the system.

And reviews are in for the games as well, including The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Ultra Street Fighter II comes to Switch May 26.

Joy-Cons keep disconnecting, but not for all reviewers.

Here are some specs on Switch’s sleep mode and battery.

You can access other regions’ online shops–but you’ll lose the balance on your current online shop.

Nintendo coated Switch games so children don’t lick them. So now adults are licking them–because adults are stupid.


The company blocks a Mario go-kart service.

Someone gave the Super Mario theme lyrics.

And Nintendo files a new Pokemon trademark.

Pokemon goes back to basics, showing Ash and Pikachu’s first meeting.

Video Games

Overwatch has been location of sexual harassment.


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