Fandom Report for Feb 23 2017

MST3K comes to Netflix in April, tech specs on Nintendo Switch, and a lot of anime news.

Diversity in Fan Culture

April 27, 2018, brings Universal Fancon to Baltimore, combining fan culture with diversity and inclusion.

Speaking of which, Captain Cold has a bit to talk about diversity and acceptance.


Anime fights terrorism. Now, can we also do something about those Trump trolls with anime avatars on Twitter who are terrorizing people with their white supremacist nonsense?

Fairy Tail is ending.

Robotech returns as a comic.

Yuri!!! On Ice wins Tokyo Anime Awards.

Sakuga Blog covers animal financials for 2016.

Attack on Titan may have original content in Season 2.

Sony re-arranges its management of the anime channel Animax.

Bungo Stray Dogs gets a film–and I’m still waiting for a dub, damn it.

Only a few more days to watch the new Patlabor series for free online.

Anime Feminist discusses queer erasure in subtitled and dubbed anime.

The creator of Ping Pong and Kick Heart has a new film, Kurokami no Otome!

Home video releases: One Punch Man, Captain Harlock, The Big O, and a Sailor Moon live-action musical.

Parody gets legitimized: Tsunogai’s Black Jack parody is being discussion by and published by Tezuka Production.

64 Japanese animated shorts, dating back to 1917, now streaming from the Japanese National Museum of Modern Art.

We got CGI of Alphonse Elric for the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist live-action film. And hey, casting looks better thanbring Ghost in the Shell.

More My Hero Academia Season 2 footage shows Todoroki and Tokoyami. And GameSpot compares Izuku Midoriya to Superman.


Pixar offers a free online course on storytelling.

Here’s advice for distributing short films online.

More Voltron–Classic and New–comes to Netflix.

Steve Emerson at Laika talks Kubo and the Two Strings.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs gets an animated series starting March 6.

The Smurfs are working with the United Nations. And Alex Jones probably thinks this is some Marxist plot.

Donald Glover and James Earl Jones are in a live-action Lion King–because Disney will not stop until they privilege CGI animation over hand-drawn animation in every one of their films. Even when The Lion King already had CGI animation.

Marvel Comics

Newsweek discusses the importance of Ms. Marvel.

Jamie Chung joins X-Men television adaptation. And Legion adds a native woman as a superhero.

DC Comics

June 3 is Wonder Woman Day.

Looney Tunes fight the Justice League. Wait…that already happened! For crying out loud, DC–stop making Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbera dark! Just make them good! Jeez.


Moby-Dick comes to Dark Horse Comics.

Saudi Arabia has its first comics convention.

Kevin Smith is developing a television adaptation of Todd McFarlane’s Sam & Twitch.

Arts and Literature

Wix buys DeviantArt for $36 million.

The Guardian looks at the history of queer children’s books.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Dante Basco wants to make a Hook prequel with Kickstarter.

The new Mystery Science Theater 3000 comes to Netflix April 14. And comes to comics.

Want to know what happened to Jar Jar Binks? Nah, me neither. So have a Star Wars tabletop game instead.

Speaking of games, there was a prototype for a Labyrinth board game, and Futurama gets a video game.


Why hasn’t anyone mailed me an illegally resold Nintendo Switch, damn it?!

No Virtual Console at launch.

Puyo Puyo Tetris comes to Switch.

Look, I know the gigabyte size of Switch video games is large, but make smaller Switch game cases, darn it!

Switch allows users to type over screenshots and adjust avatar’s hair color, but screenshot storage will take up a bit of space.


Nintendo of America cofounder Alan Stone passes away at 71.

The Link Nendoroid is adorable, as are the Kirby 25th anniversary plushes.

A Super Mario encyclopedia comes to North America and Europe this summer.

Additional Stories

Roleplayers is a documentary about LARPs in the Czech Republic.

The Muppet Minds talks about adult humor and the works of Jim Henson.


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