Fandom Report for February 16, 2017

RIP Jiro Taniguchi and Tyrus Wong, Ms. Marvel resists, Jill Pantozzi talks Ghost in the Shell and race and gender, and My Hero Academia Season 2 info.

Been weeks since an update–so a lot to cover.


My Hero Academia

Inada Tetsu joins My Hero Academia, and the series introduces a fan-created character.

Plus, new Season 2 footage shows Ochako and Iida and new characters, has new songs, as well as a new spinoff.

Plus, the first season has had some revised animation.

Anime and Manga

RIP Jiro Taniguchi, award-winning creator.

Your name. director Makoto Shinkai credits Korean animators.

A new season of Servamp is coming, while the creator took a hiatus from the manga.

The next season of Attack on Titan starts in April.

Amazon started an anime streaming service.

The live-action Black Butler film gets dubbed.

Okami-san is coming back.

If you want new seasons of your favorite anime, buy the Blu-Rays.

Fans pick the wrong choice for favorite Gundam series: the correct answer is G Gundam. And they can’t even get that one on Hulu!

My Anime List re-writes an anti-Nazi article to include a sympathetic representation of Nazi characters–because the 2016 election ruined everything.

Jill Pantozzi identifies the problems in Scarlett Johannson’s arguments about race and feminism in Ghost in the Shell casting.

Marvel Comics

Kamala Khan resists.

Dr. Strange references Groundhog’s Day.

Casting continues for Cloak and Dagger and Runaways live-action adaptations.

And their CEO is still working for a fascist.

DC Comics

Then again, so is the producer of The Lego Batman Movie.

The Guardian considers the latest attempt for people to take Aquaman seriously–when this is the only way to handle Aquaman.

Stephen Byrne gives you the only Batman v Superman that you need.


Stephen Sonneveld considers how the Death of Superman storyline introduced more darkness to United States comics.

Kevin Wong writes about the importance of Marcie in Peanuts.

Midnighter and other comics appeared on GLAAD nominee list.


Steven Universe was also nominated by GLAAD.

RIP Tyrus Wong, animator of Bambi.

Open Culture looks at Harlem jazz origins of Betty Boop.

Mark Hamill talks about the end of Regular Show.

Paul Reubens talks very briefly about feminism in a Pee-Wee’s Playhouse segment.



George Lucas puts his Star Wars museum in Los Angeles.

Rey is the focus of Star Wars merchandise.

We’re not getting Deep Space Nine on Blu-Ray any time soon. But it will get a documentary.

Video Games

Your bigoted humor is not funny: cut that shit out.

Crash Bandicoot returns June 30.

There are ways to sit when playing video games.

Here’s how the Nintendo Zapper works.

Best Buy will give Zelda posters with Nintendo Switch orders.

Madoka and Fire Force get smartphone games.

A library teaches how to build Super Mario Maker levels.


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