Write to the Electoral College now: http://asktheelectors.org/

Today is the day that the Electoral College determines whether they will vote for the woman who won the majority of United States votes, or install an unqualified fascistic bigoted buffoon.

I have written to electors, and I urge you to do likewise, as well as call or meet in person, ethically and peaceful.

And if you did not vote for Clinton, you have doubly the responsibility. Your choice not to vote for her risks installing a man who has promised to hurt people on the basis of their identity. I have expressed repeatedly my disappointment with specific individuals I know who did not vote for Clinton–and I will never stop condemning those persons for their awful actions. It is their responsibility, if they are ethical, peaceful, and responsible persons, to fix the problem they have created.

If, after your failure to vote Clinton, you fail to take every action you can by all ethical, legal, and peaceful means to make sure Donald Trump is not installed as President, then I want nothing to do with you. You earn my scorn, because you have said, with your choice in this past election, that you do not care about me.

And I am trying to make this argument with as much awareness as I have about my privilege as a straight white cisgender abled native-born United States citizen. This monster intends to deny the very humanity of any person on the basis of their identity, as he has with his proposed bans of Muslims on the basis of their religion, with his incitements of violence against numerous black protesters, with his mockery of persons who are disabled or transgender, with his bragging of assaulting women and allegations of rape against him and his insisted denial of reproductive rights, with his lies about Mexicans as “rapists” and “drug dealers.”

Because identity is a spectrum–as whiteness itself has morphed over centuries to continue to include or exclude as is convenient for those who command the word–do not think for a second that your privilege protects you from the fascism Trump would spread. This man will never be my President: he lost the popular vote, and he lost any respect I would ever have from him with every misogynistic, nativist, racist, and bigoted remark he has made in his pathetic life.

This man must not be elected. I voted for Clinton, I tried to convince others to do likewise. I did not do enough–but I did far more than many of you who did not vote for Clinton at all. You didn’t vote for her? Then you better tell electors to pick her now: http://asktheelectors.org/

If you fail to do so, whatever could await us in a Trump White House is your fault.


Dear Elector,

I write to urge you to vote for the winner of the popular vote, and the only qualified candidate in this election, Hillary Clinton.

In light of Donald Trump’s inability to extricate himself from all of his businesses and therefore his inability to serve effectively as President without being compromised by domestic and foreign investment, you must not vote for this corrupt individual. And in light of Donald Trump’s targeted harassment of individuals and entire groups of people on the basis of their identity, he is not fit for office. His attacks on any one person on the basis of their identity becomes an attack on every single person in this nation–you included. It is reasonable that he would identify some aspect about you, on the basis of your race, gender, sexuality, ability, religion, or family’s nation of origin to undermine your integrity, your humanity, perhaps even your citizenship. After all, he wants to ban persons on the basis of their religion.

Finally, Trump’s policy proposals have been confirmed to destroy the global economy (http://www.theatlantic.com/…/…/donald-trumps-economy/481743/), and would undermine First Amendment protections on the basis of religion and also limit the freedoms of press, speech, and protest, based on his promises to hinder journalists with obstructive libel laws, his denial of press credentials to long-lasting respected news organizations that do not cover him fairly, and his promise to return to “the good old days” of physically attacking protesters.

In contrast to this man, who failed to win the popular vote and therefore fails to represent the majority of United States 2016 voters, Hillary Clinton is qualified, has explained how she will extricate herself from financial influences, and unlike Trump, is not a fascist or a bigot.

If those words are too difficult for you to accept, I do not know how else to persuade you: we are facing a man who is too foolish, too incompetent, too fascistic, too bigoted, and frankly too monstrous to be allowed in the White House. With Clinton winning the popular vote, your decision to vote for her as President would have the support of the majority of United States voters and would save the United States, and this world, from the threats this madman represents.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.


Derek McGrath


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