Fandom Report for November 23, 2016: Topics for avoiding Thanksgiving arguments

Remember what Zod told you, then marathon Mystery Science Theater 3000.

DC Comics

Mark Hamill appreciates all Jokers.

The animated film adaptation of Justice League Dark is coming.

Birds of Prey already has a director for its live-action adaptation.

Marvel Comics

John Wick director will helm Deadpool 2.

Jeff Yang asks why Doctor Strange was so white.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wants to play Carnage. Sure.

Black Panther

Angela Bassett joins Black Panther film.

Roxane Gay writes a Black Panther comics-universe prequel about the women of Wakanda.

Comics Alliance explains Black Panther’s history.


John Lewis and co-creators of March win a National Book Award.

Hellboy spin-off is about an extraterrestrial.

The Dark Crystal will continue as a comic, as will Steven Universe.

Meanwhile, in Trump’s America: if your lead character is a black woman, comic book shops won’t carry it. But, you know, that’s just “economic anxiety.”

Anime and Manga

World Trigger goes on hiatus.

Tenchi Muyo continues November 30.

Have a live-action Jojo. Good luck keeping sane.

Here’s the next Dragon Ball Super arc.

Cartoon Research looks at Japanese commercials for United States cereals.

You want a One Piece film in North American theaters? You got it!

Yuri on Ice leads to reprints of PASH! Magazine.

Sailor Moon is used in anti-STD marketing campaign.

The Patlabor reboot will stream legally with English subtitles.


Who the hell asked for a live-action Winnie the Pooh? Disney, stop with the live-action adaptations: you are inadvertently suggesting there was a flaw to the animated versions that is simply that they are animated.

Star Wars is getting its own section at Disney World.

Video Games

Overwatch meet-up of the voice actors gets animated.

Sonic the Hedgehog is in Lego Dimensions, facing off against his ancient enemy: orcas.

Yakuza is getting a live-action adaptation.

Why is Kamen Rider fighting Pac-Man?

Did You Know Gaming looks at the Japanese-exclusive Mario & Wario.

JCPenney carries Nintendo fashion.

Visual Arts

A Bellevue doctor became America’s first illustrator.

This Week in Fascism

Oh, you think I care that people booed a bigot like Mike Pence? You think I condemn people for merely booing, versus someone who has ran a campaign against LGBT persons for years? Yeah, no–boo Mike Pence wherever he walks. I hope his children boo him as he walks to and from the bathroom. Boo Mike Pence–then donate, organize, call, and vote, because if you did not vote Clinton, then it’s your fault we got Pence and his dimwitted running mate.  

Oh, and if you are excited for what Trump does for art? No. Excitement is not the right word. Art represents its moment of production, and of course the presence of this bigot and fascist is going to influence current creators’ works. Therefore, I am more concerned how our art will represent the physical violence and loss of civil rights under this bigot, then being excited about such art. Art can be about learning from the past, not celebrating awfulness. So instead of asking, “What will this Neo-Nazi do for art?” ask yourself “How do we recognize dystopia?”


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