Fandom Report for November 17, 2016: We need heroes.

The Ghost in the Shell adaptation annoys me. Some show about teenage superheroes gets an unexpected renewal. And we have a bigot and fascist in the White House.

Screw you, 2016.

H/T to Ellak Roach for news leads–too many to list here.

DC Comics

Young Justice is getting a third season. The Animation Guild writes briefly about what this announcement means for paying artists and the availability of animators.

The Lego Batman film trailer is out.

Comics Alliance talks lettering in Wonder Woman.

We might get a Birds of Prey film.

Legends of Tomorrow will follow The Flash on Tuesday nights in 2017, with an expanded season.

Zod wants you to know your parents should not have voted for Trump, just as Superman fought bigots like Trump. (Oh, don’t like that remark? Well, stop here, then–my saltiness is going to continue to the bottom of this long post of news from the last two to three weeks.)

Marvel Comics

Scott Campbell revises artwork around the newest Iron Man, Riri Williams.

Supporting characters from Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage confirmed for Netflix’s Defenders.

Iron Man is coming to Disneyland Hong Kong.

Thor Ragnarok may lead to Infinity War.

Michael Giacchino will score the new Spider-Man film Homecoming.

Tony Stark left Spider-Man a message.

Mads Mikkelsen talks Dr. Strange.

The story of the film Big Hero 6 continues as an animated television series.

Inhumans will be a TV show rather than a film–because why ruin Agents of SHIELD when you can ruin more television? I do not care about your eugenics-obsessed dull X-Men precursor: the story has been dull on SHIELD, it’s a Game of Thrones series that needs an HBO or Netflix venue, and instead it’s going to be dumbed down on ABC. This will be my refrain, but screw 2016.

Meanwhile, Cloak and Dagger gets delayed. We can have more freaking Inhumans, but not Cloak and Dagger. Again, screw you, 2016.


Frank Cho and Mila Manara show their awfulness.

With fascism in the United States, Glen Weldon looks at fascism in comics. (Not dropping this point.)

Comics Alliance interviews Paul Dini about his Christmasy comics series Jingle Belle.

And Comics Alliance has another reflection on the works of the recently departed Steve Dillon.

PhD Comics creator Jorge Cham has a new book, We Have No Idea, an illustrated volume on physics, the universe, and more. Pre-orders are now online.

The director of Kung-Fu Panda is developing a film adaptation of Jeff Smith’s Bone.


Doctor Who director tapped for Tolkien biopic.

Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Bleach

Dragon Ball Super has finally been confirmed for a United States English dub by Funimation, who has adapted the previous versions of the series.

Meanwhile, in Japan, DBS has beaten One Piece in ratings. They can keep battling it out in a new collaborative mobile app. But both One Piece and Bleach were at the top of manga volume sales in Japan, just in time for Bleach creator Tite Kubo to return to Twitter–with cosplay. And Bleach returns with two new novelizations.

Japan has Dragon Ball cafes.

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom has a new 12-minute clip.

And a new anime is coming.

Anime and Manga

Miyazaki returns with a new film in production. And Spirited Away is being re-released. But My Neighbor Totoro is ruined forever, obviously.

Princess Jellyfish is one of Amazon’s Best Graphic Novels of 2016. The entire manga is available for free with a CrunchyRoll subscription, and the entire anime is available for free with a Funimation subscription.

Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro’s Toriko Gourmet Battle will end its manga on November 21.

CardCaptor Sakura returns with a new manga and a new anime.

Here are Japanese mascots in raincoats. And cat cosplay.

The Yo-Kai Watch film aired on Disney XD November 12 to 14.

Funimation has more information about upcoming distribution for English dubs of Nanbaka and Drifters.

New information is out about characters in the My Hero Academia video game. And the editor of the manga discusses potential live-action adaptations.

Watch Pokemon get anatomized. Or made into traditional Japanese prints.

A trailer for the live-action Ghost in the Shell has been released–and I could not care less. When a film borrows from Asian cultures without having Asian actors in front of the camera, there is a problem. This includes small details trying to make Scarlett Johansson look Japanese: this is a film trading in on Asian aesthetic without much more obvious gestures to incorporate Asian persons in front of the camera. Whereas Blade Runner and Serenity used Asian aesthetics, they at least brought something new to the book and television series they adapted. Now, in 2016, Ghost in the Shell looks like a live-action version of the original anime only, with little new added to the source material in art, direction, or story. The film may surprise me; the trailer does not.

Meanwhile, watch any trailer for the Fullmetal Alchemist live-action adaptation, which actually looks good. Or go watch the trailer for the Your Lie in April live-action adaptation. Or watch re-runs of Nodame Cantabile, live-action or animated, because, hell, Ghost in the Shell did not need a soulless, Westernized live-action adaptation. Just…2016 has been awful. And now we have fascism elected into the White House. If you didn’t vote for Clinton, screw you–go watch your shitty anime adaptation with Scarlett Johansson, because that’s what you deserve, you awful, awful person.


Open Culture shares Space Ghost: Coast to Coast surrealist episodes.

At a time where we need to hear it, in the face of bigotry, the creator of We Bare Bears says the show is an allegory about being a minority in the United States.

Toonami kicked off Episode 1 of Intruder III.

Frozen gets a winter holiday television special in 2017.

And The Croods don’t get a sequel.

Cartoon Brew looks at Nickelodeon’s animation politics, while its animators sign a new contract. And an Invader Zim film is coming from Nick.

The Mary Sue looks at feminism, How to Train Your Dragon, and DreamWorks films.

The AV Club looks back to 25 years ago when Darkwing Duck premiered.

Mucha Lucha creator files copyright infringement suit against Kohl’s.

Jon Stewart goes into animation–because forget actually staying on The Daily Show to oppose encroaching fascism. (Oh, you thought I was dropping that point? No–I’m not stopping.)


Nintendo 3DS shows off a new Mii game.

Super Mario Run has new footage and pricing information.

A Zelda live-action game is touring,

Nintendo uploads instruction manuals.

Super Mario Maker 3DS will be compatible with amiibo.

Ash battles Darwin–in rap.

Super Mario 3 was supposed to be an over-head game.

Have a Famicom controller-shaped business card case.

Wii U is ending production. And we might have a price for Switch.

Oh, and Nintendo brought back some game system or something that sold out.

Video Games

The SAG-AFTRA strike regarding video game acting continues.

Crash Bandicoot speaks!

And in other retro news: the Sega Genesis returns.

Look at some pixel lamps.

Neko Atsume will be adapted as a live-action film.

Persona 5 is delayed again in the United States.


Marc Maron interviews Lin-Manuel Miranda–and people of Saturday Night Live, because why not promote a show and a network that helped normalized the bigotry and fascism of Donald Trump? (NOT. DROPPING. IT. And no, I’m not linking to Maron–go find the podcast yourself. He wants to promote Lorne Michaels, after what he did? Then he can get someone else to link to him.)

Mystery Science Theater 3000

The cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000 talk Dr. Strangelove on Movie Sign with the Mads.

The Thanksgiving marathon is coming.

Giant Robots

Universal, having bought DreamWorks (because screw competition between companies when you can just buy them all up), is developing a Voltron film.

Pacific Rim 2 starts filming.

We Can’t Have Nice Things

Director, writer, and Star Wars Rey hater Max Landis will write and direct a remake of his father’s An American Werewolf in London, because we can’t have nice things.

The MegaZord for the Power Rangers film reboot is out. It looks like tiny dragon wings on a Jet Jaguar.

Paul Verhoeven doesn’t like Trump, either. Join the club.  

The Master from Manos: The Hands of Fate has passed away.

Star Wars

Star Wars version of Clue is coming out.

And even Star Wars hates Trump.

Warwick Davis is in Rogue One.

Oh, and you people who didn’t vote for Clinton? Go to Hell.


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