Month: November 2016

I’m moderating “Know About Poe” this Friday at NYU

Here’s something to prepare me before I talk “The Pop Culture Afterlife of Edgar Allan Poe” at NeMLA in Baltimore this March.

I will be moderating “Know About Poe,” an informative discussion as part of New York University’s bi-annual event hosted at their School of Law’s Edgar Allan Poe Room this Friday at 6 PM.

Poe’s Manhattan residence was previously located where the School of Law now stands. NYU hosts these events to spark discussions about the author’s works, with events including performances, lectures, Q&As, and other dynamic entertaining and informative activities. I previously presented at NYU’s Showcase at the Poe Room in 2012, and I am honored by this opportunity to moderate a discussion that will appeal to scholars and Poe enthusiasts alike.

Thanks to Lois Rakoff, Arlene Peralta, and Nichole Izzo for organizing these events, where New Yorkers get to come together to join the conversation about the many aspects of Poe–his criticism, his philosophy, his poems, his politics, his horror.

Audience members can expect to learn more about the author’s life and works, as well as how we continue to discuss him in scholarship and posthumous adaptation. We’ll be looking at Poe in relation to pop culture, gender, mystery, visual art, and more! Whether you are a newbie to his literature or a seasoned expert, you’ll get something worthwhile from this session. Audience members also get to submit questions with their RSVP, and I’ll look at ones received on Twitter.

“Know About Poe” will take place on Friday, December 2, 2016 at 6 PM, at New York University’s School of Law (245 Sullivan Street, Furman Hall, Room 216, between West 3rd and Washington Square South). This event is free and open to the public.

Visit this link to RSVP or for more information.

Fandom Report for November 17, 2016: We need heroes.

The Ghost in the Shell adaptation annoys me. Some show about teenage superheroes gets an unexpected renewal. And we have a bigot and fascist in the White House.

Screw you, 2016.

H/T to Ellak Roach for news leads–too many to list here.

DC Comics

Young Justice is getting a third season. The Animation Guild writes briefly about what this announcement means for paying artists and the availability of animators.

The Lego Batman film trailer is out.

Comics Alliance talks lettering in Wonder Woman.

We might get a Birds of Prey film.

Legends of Tomorrow will follow The Flash on Tuesday nights in 2017, with an expanded season.

Zod wants you to know your parents should not have voted for Trump, just as Superman fought bigots like Trump. (Oh, don’t like that remark? Well, stop here, then–my saltiness is going to continue to the bottom of this long post of news from the last two to three weeks.)


Fandom Report: Animal Crossing update, superhero short film “Sidekicks,” and the dangers of rom-coms


Barack and Michelle Obama dance to “Thriller.”

Halloween outfits this year included a three-year-old dressed as No-Face from Spirited Away.

Den of Geek recommended these Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes for Halloween.


The New York City Thanksgiving parade will begin with Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, and end with the Muppets of Sesame Street.

Literature and Identity

Haruki Murakami accepted the Hans Christian Andersen literature award with a warning about “we damag[e] and hurt[] ourselves” by othering and excluding fellow human beings.

Megan Garber at The Atlantic identifies problems with romantic comedies as related to persistent violence towards women.

DC Comics

I reviewed new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow (“White savior!”) and The Flash (an actually decent episode about Julian and Barry).


On “The Flash,” Julian and Caitlin confront inner monsters, and Cisco wears a “Jaws” shirt

Speaking of monsters: the election is next week, so there is no new Flash–and you get to be a superhero by voting Clinton so that monster Trump does not get elected. Find your voting place, and enjoy telling Trump to go away.

“Monster.” The Flash Season 3 Episode 5. Directed by C. Kim Miles. Written by Zack Stentz.

Spoilers below.

As with other episodes I’ve been watching, the trend seems to be multiple storylines that may or may not overlap or complement each other, instead being disparate. The title “Monster” can refer to both the named monster Barry (Grant Gustin) and Julian (Tom Felton) are hunting, and Julian’s realization he behaves monstrously, as well as Caitlin’s (Danielle Panabaker) fear she is becoming one with the development of these ice powers. I’m a bit surprised the latter story was not given more attention to that idea of monstrosity, and I am a bit grateful after the problems in using that word “monster” as associated with Natasha Romanoff in Age of Ultron. The title “Monster” does not quite refer to the subplot with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) seeking to uncover the truth about HR (Tom Cavanagh), the new Harrison Wells they pulled from another timeline, although Cisco wearing the Jaws shirt while hunting down the truth about HR could be a “search for the monster” plotline, I guess.

Oh, and Joe is still not dating the DA. Because that needed a few minutes of attention to give Iris (Candice Patton) and Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) something to do in the episode as well. Because why not.

As Ellak Roach said when we watched, this episode feels like it’s “spinning its wheels.” There is setup without payoff. HR is revealed to not be a scientist, so he may have some redemption moment in which he proves himself. (What is it this season with newbie-superheroes like James in Supergirl and Nate in Legends wanting to prove themselves?) Caitlin has her first moments of wanting to kill, so she may become Killer Frost and fall into villainy. (What’re the odds she kills her mother [Susan Walters]?) And Joe is still avoiding dating the DA. (Because evidently that’s the subplot we’re getting this season for Joe.)

Overall, then, I don’t know what the individual parts of this episode contributed.