Fandom Report for October 19, 2016: Captain Planet returns, Obama picks favorite sci-fi, and Toonami announces a new film broadcast

A short week, but a lot of news, especially coming out of Japan!

Star Wars

A new trailer for Rogue One was released. And just in time, Episode Nothing looks at the original Star Wars trailer, and how the production and marketing changed in promoting this film. (H/T AV Club)

RIP Gary Dubin and Susan Aceron

Voice actor Gary Dubin, known for The AristoCats, Cowboy Bebop, and Fist of the North Star, passed away at 57.

Voice actor Susan Aceron, known for her work on the English dubs of Sailor Moon, Beyblade, Digimon, and Medabots, passed away.

Science Fiction Film and Television

Wired lists some of Barack Obama’s essential films and TV shows in science fiction.

Leonardo DiCaprio is bringing back Captain Planet–because, sure, why not.

The Nerdwriter looks at Scott Pilgrim cinematic scene transitions.

Video Games

Steam will support Sony PlayStation 4 controllers.

Shigeru Miyamoto talks about the original Donkey Kong, including initial game design plans for voices.

Did You Know Gaming? pays tribute to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

Shigeki Morimoto, video game designer, talks about his work on Pokemon.


A new teaser trailer and poster for the second Guardians of the Galaxy film was released.

Art of the Title looks at the closing title sequence of Captain America: Civil War.

Marvel releases hip hop-inspired variant covers, which is not the first time the publisher has done so, when such an occurrence brought attention to lacking diversity in Marvel’s creative teams.

An airplane passenger was asked to remove her Black Panther baseball cap under the claim that it made the pilot uncomfortable.


John Lewis discusses his graphic novel March.

The screenwriter of Back to the Future will write a new comic, focused on the franchise’s antagonist, Biff Tannen.

DC Comics and Boom are publishing a crossover of Justice League and Power Rangers.

Mike Mignola and company look at Hellboy’s past with a new comic series, The Visitor, while fellow artists pay tribute to the character.

Tom Tomorrow discusses his new political comics collection from IDW.

The Walking Dead illustrator does not like the phrase “graphic novel.”


Want to hear Ian McKellen and Gilbert Gottfried in an animated film called Animal Crackers? Yes, you do.

Loyola Marymount University professor Tom Klein writes about how Woody Woodpecker participated in the Space Race.

DreamWorks settles a lawsuit regarding animators’ wages.


In November, Toonami will air the 2011 Japanese animated film, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, as a radio brings a character to a new fantastic world. Toonami also premiered a teaser for Intruder III and a new motivational video.

Funimation interviews the actors behind the new Escaflowne dub.

A new anthology of the Japanese comic Attack on Titan, with writing by United States comics creator Gail Simone, has been released.

My Hero Academia released new storyboards for Season 2–and a look at series creator Kouhei Horikoshi’s figure collection, with a lot of Spider-Man in it.

Soul Eater is leaving Netflix in November. It remains available on Funimation’s subscription service and on disc.

New information is out on the Assassination Classroom animated film, and Anime News Network interviews series creator Yusei Matsui.

Universal Studios Japan will feature attractions based on Attack on Titan, Evangelion, and Godzilla.

A trailer for Trigger and Netflix’s Little Witch Academia was released.

A new service provides light novels directly from Japan.

Mythbusters’ Adam Savage went to New York Comic Con as Totoro.

Amazon and Studio Ghibli are releasing an adaptation of Astrid Lindgren’s fantasy series Ronja the Robber’s Daughter.

Aniplex releases new content for upcoming animated series Persona and Blue Exorcist, as well as Black Butler.

Cowboy Bebop gets Funkos.

Yen Press discusses a new Spice and Wolf release.

JC Staff released a video for its 30th anniversary, featuring a lot of A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun, as well as some of my favorites like Excel Saga, Toradora, and Nodame Cantabile. (But no Ookami-san? What the heck?)


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