Fandom Report for October 12, 2016: NYCC, “Dragon Ball” sings, and some fool knows almost nothing about “Luke Cage”


With New York Comic Con last week, there is a lot of news in comics, animation, and larger fan culture! Here are just a few highlights:

Batman ‘66: Return of the Caped Crusader

The new animated Adam West film came to theaters Monday and home video Tuesday. (My review: rent it).

And I have compiled a lengthy list of some of that film’s Easter Eggs–with more updates to come.

The Adam West animated Batman already has a sequel confirmed, with William Shatner as Two-Face.

Speaking of which: the Adam West Batman will meet the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman in a comic book miniseries coming in 2017!

DC Comics

I reviewed this week’s premieres of Supergirl (adorkable Super-Cousins!), Lucifer (enough with the incest jokes!), and The Flash (Barry, stop!).

Wonder Woman is now a United Nations honorary ambassador.

Luke Cage and Netflix MCU

The Netflix series gets a vinyl soundtrack.

Sigourney Weaver will play the big bad for Netflix’s Defenders.

Iron Fist star Finn Jones discusses the casting of a white actor for a character with Asian origins.

A really foolish person made really foolish comments about the Netflix Luke Cage, not only coming off as condescending, classist, and racist, but also getting basic plot details wrong. Enjoy reading whatever responsible commentators are online to correct this person’s poor argument, without stooping to this writer’s awfulness. Or read The Mary Sue instead.

Marvel Comics

Peggy Carter will appear in Disney X D’s Avengers animated series, and a new Spider-Man animated television series will premiere in 2017.

Forest Whitaker will be in the Black Panther film adaptation.

Hope van Dyne, the newest MCU Wasp, joins an upcoming Avengers film.

The upcoming Wolverine film Logan likely will feature his younger female clone, X-23 AKA Laura Kinney, likely seen holding Logan’s hand in the film poster.

Video Games

Animal Cross: Wild World comes to the Wii U virtual console.

Digimon has a trailer for its December 1 Nintendo 3DS game, Appli Monsters.


Gorillaz expands its back story.


Marc Summers returns to Double Dare.

Fraggle Rock will be remastered and air on HBO along with fellow Jim Henson Muppets program Sesame Street.

Shout Factory released the annotated Earth vs. the Spider from Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is free to watch on YouTube.


Al Jazeera interviews comics creators of Priya Shakti, responding to violence against women.

Ana Valens writes about the history of yuri manga.


Adventure Time gets a cookbook.

Politicians in India and Pakistan are campaigning against anime character Doraemon.

The creators and cast of Netflix’s Voltron discuss Season 2 at New York Comic Con.

Yu-Gi-Oh will have another film released in North American theaters January 2017.

Guy Ritchie will direct a live-action Aladdin for Disney–because Heaven forbid that nostalgia lead to necessary reboots and not ones that supplant excellent ink-and-paint animation with dull live-action and unrealistic CGI animation. But I already whined about all of this

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball has another super form–because, sure, why not?

The Voice in Thailand features the Dragon Ball Z theme song.

Masako Nozawa, the voice of Goku, demonstrates how she switches between characters.


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