Fandom Report for Thursday, October 6, 2016

Luke Cage breaks Netflix, Servamp wraps up its English dub (review coming soon), I review The Flash and Lucifer, and Cards Against Humanity goes after Donald Trump’s taxes.

Call for papers: Publishing and conferences

Deadlines have been extended for numerous NeMLA panels. Consider submitting abstracts for “Marvel vs DC,” “Punkademia,” and more before the Friday, October 7, deadline.

The proposed volume The Dark Side: A Supervillain Reader seeks abstracts by October 15.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage has dominated fandom news since its release last Friday, breaking Netflix. I had a few brief comments disagreeing with the New York Times review, and I’ll have more to say about the disappointing second half of the 13-episode series.

There were other reviews and bits of trivia:

Son of Baldwin asks whether the series reinforces the dangerous “unstoppable black beast” myth.

The Ringer asks whether Luke Cage is a reflection of black conservative politics.

The swear jar was added for Prince.

The song “Bulletproof Love” is now out.

A Back to the Future Easter egg pops up in Luke Cage.

Anime and Manga

Servamp wrapped up its English dub for Season 1. Review coming soon.

A new trailer premieres for Blue Exorcist, returning with another animated series in January 2017. The cast list also was released.

Toonami’s promo for Jojo uses music from Yes!

South Korea Krispy Kreme has Pokemon donuts.

Filming is underway for a live-action adaptation of the manga Bleach, which recently concluded its 15-year run.


Comicosity has an important discussion with Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka regarding queer narratives and Wonder Woman’s sexuality as queer.

A new Batwoman comic will be out in 2017.

New information is out on the comic book continuation of The Legend of Korra.

The Ray and more superheroes join the Justice League.

DC on TV

My reviews for the new episode of Lucifer and the Season 3 premiere of The Flash are now online.

Want to see Supergirl, Green Arrow, the Flash, and the Legends in a superhero fight club? Yes, you do. You can also check out last year’s fight club.

The second seasons of both the animated series Vixen and Legends of Tomorrow premiere October 13. And Legends of Tomorrow will feature Obsidian, son of Green Lantern Alan Scott.

John Wesley Shipp compares playing The Flash in the 1990s to The Flash today.

The Superman prequel television series casts Kal-El’s grandfather.


The new Ben Affleck Batman film has a title and a villain in Slade Wilson.

The crew behind the new Adam West Batman animated film remark how the film embraces and responds to the more recent, darker interpretations of the Dark Knight. And the cast list has been updated, with announcements for the voices of Commissioner Gordon, Chief O’Hara, Alfred, and more!

A new poster and title is out for the latest Wolverine film.


A new teaser for Iron Fist posted to announce its March 2017 premiere.

The Netflix Voltron reboot releases its second season trailer.

Shout! Factory has launched a new app for Amazon for streaming Mystery Science Theater 3000, Ultraman, The Weird Al Show, and more!


The updated release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf will receive a stand-alone game release as well as a camera feature.

Musterbrand releases Legend of Zelda-inspired clothing.

Cards Against Humanity has launched a campaign against Donald Trump with the new web site


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