Fandom Report for Wednesday, September 28, 2016

An early Fandom Report ahead of deadlines for NeMLA 2017 (abstracts due September 30!), as well as news about more episodes of One Punch Man and The Tick–and X-Men burgers!

Comics and Superheroes at NeMLA 2017 Baltimore

The Northeast Modern Language Association seeks proposed presentations on transformations in comics, DC vs Marvel, disabilities in superhero narratives, debates around fan-canon, and more! Submit before the deadline on Friday, September 30!


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will be adapted as a live-action film.

Digimon Tri gets an extended theatrical release in the United States.

One Punch Man, currently wrapping up its first season’s English dub on Toonami, has been confirmed for a second season in Japan.

Toonami aired an in memoriam for its original host, Clay Martin Croker. The AV Club recommends favorite Coast to Coast episodes featuring Croker and the rest of the cast.

Video Games


A Smash Brothers player brought attention to sexual assault and offered guidelines regarding what constitute sexual consent.

Newly translated interviews with Shigeru Miyamoto reveal the challenges of translating Super Mario from 2D to 3D in Super Mario 64.


Weird Al and Lin-Manuel Miranda performed “Yoda.”

Comics and Superheroes

Theories abound as to what Joe Russo means when saying the Marvel civil war has not concluded and will persist into the later MCU films.

Sam Neill rejoins his Jurassic Park costar Jeff Goldblum for Thor: Ragnarok.

CW DC TV’s crossover event between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow gets some explanation.

Ben Edlund talks about The Tick, now picked up for a full season on Amazon.

Want a blue X-Men burger? Sure you do.



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