Reflection on “Developments in Comics Pedagogy” MLA 2016 roundtable

It has been almost a month since Keith McCleary and I co-hosted our MLA 2016 roundtable “Developments in Comics Pedagogy.” Thanks to the quality of our presenters, and the contributions they have made to the teaching of comics, we were able to have a packed room even at 8:30 in the morning.

I have been trying to wrap my brain around what worked so effectively for the session–and participant Liz Losh already wrote an excellent summary of the session for Macmillan/Bedford. Until I have more to add, I think her remarks clarify what each of our contributors brought to the roundtable, as well as the topics considered by our audience members in-person and online (which I have archived in this Storify link).

Thanks to MLA executive director Rosemary Feal and head of convention programs Karin L. Bagnall for giving us the opportunity to bring a successful roundtable on teaching comics to a national platform, after Keith and I co-organized such a session at the Northeast Modern Language Association.

Thanks as well to the Comics and Graphic Narratives Forum of the MLA for continuing to host a variety of well-organized, informative sessions at the yearly convention, including publicizing our own roundtable.

Thanks to our audience members who showed up for our early-morning session and who contacted us online with their questions and comments via Twitter, especially A. David Lewis, one of our participants in the NeMLA version of this roundtable and an involved voice in the online discussion surrounding our MLA roundtable.

Finally, thanks of course to our presenters: Liz Losh, Nick Sousanis, Susan E. Kirtley, Maria Elsy Cardona, Joe Sutliff Saunders, and Biz Nijdam.

I know all of us look forward to see where we next take this discussion about teaching with comics!

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