MLA 2016: Days 2, 3, and 4

I’ve been delayed writing more about the 2016 meeting of the MLA in Austin, including the success of co-leading the roundtable “Developments in Comics Pedagogy” on Day 2 (to a no-seats-left audience at 8:30 AM–and a synopsis post to write later this week), working for the Northeast Modern Language Association all three days, and flying back late.

I’ll summarize a bit about Days 2, 3, and 4 here, then write about those aforementioned topics in subsequent posts.

Day 2

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  • I too like fine dinning–delicious but a bit noisy.
  • “Developments in Comics Pedagogy” was more successful than I could have hoped. For having only three minutes per presentation, I think all participants clearly defined their teaching approaches, the benefits, and the challenges, as well as continuing to make these points not through prepared remarks but actually speaking with each other and with audience members. Thanks to everyone who attended at 8:30 AM, and thanks to all participants! Be sure to read a few of the tweets we had about the session here (amidst AHA tweets). You can even see me in the corner here.
  • Only of a fool screams “Get out of here!” to native Texans who are rightly incensed at impractical gun laws. It is disappointing that the MLA had to post signs to remind attendees that many of us do not welcome these deadly weapons at, of all places, a literature and language convention.
  • And then a fire alarm goes off at the convention hall.
  • The MLA Comics Studies Forum had an informative, collegial reception at their cash bar Friday evening, including information on upcoming conventions with affiliated organization such as Graphic Medicine and ICAF.

Day 3


  • Hey, I finally found my book with Elizabeth Abele, Keith Friedlander, and others for sale at the Exhibitor Hall!
  • Chris Pizzino led a thorough discussion about “Latina/o Comics,” which led to informative discussions during the Q&A and also online. Thanks to Emily Lauer for a long-distance Twitter conversation to talk through some ideas about the session.

Day 4

  • I missed the comics session “Charlie Hebdo and Its Publics,” and the discussions online indicate that it was a successful session. Speaking with presenters and potential attendees before it, it sounded like it would be an important discussion.

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