MLA 2016: Day 1

It is depressing that the MLA has to tell people not to openly carry firearms into a place that does not need people’s gun fetishizing. This is where we are, when guns are more important than logic and pragmatism. But after the Governor of Texas, in this very city, says something this asasine to the President of the United States, yeah, the MLA really does have to be this blunt.

Well, onto more pleasant topics:

  • The MLA provided a great space this year for the Regional MLAs, including a sign and significant support for NeMLA, South Central, and more.
  • Gus’s Fried Chicken is a satisfying meal.
  • The presentation is ready for tomorrow. Stop by our roundtable “Developments in Comics Pedagogy,” Session #222, starting at 8:30 AM in 8A, Third Floor, Austin Convention Center. If you have questions for our roundtable participants before tomorrow’s session, tweet them at us at #S222 #MLA16.



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