NeMLA Extends CFP Deadline to Oct 5

Now is not the time to procrastinate–it’s the time to submit!

The Northeast Modern Language Association has extended its call for papers deadline to Monday, October 5. The full list of CFPs is available here:

I have been advertising a variety of sessions, including ones on comics, films, and popular culture, and ones on composition. I also encourage submissions to two sessions I’m co-organizing (with web links where to submit):

The Marvel Cinematic Universe as Literature

With dynamic individual superhuman characters populating a world of complex, interwoven mythologies and origin stories, the films and television series of Marvel Comics Studios experiment with long-form transmedia storytelling. With twelve films and three television series released in less than a decade, all adhering to the same continuity and fictional universe, how can the Marvel Cinematic Universe reveal or offer fresh insight into the ways in which modern cinematic storytelling functions as literature? Approaches may include analysis of one or more films; storytelling across genre and medium; adaptations of the original Marvel Comics to film and television; and applications of various schools of literary and media theory to MCU properties.

“Ruined!” On Failed Adaptations from Page to Screen

This session will explore adaptations that fail in some way. Among our goals, we would like to identify what could be productive about failed adaptations. How do such failures identify what not to do, and can an adaptation that fails to be faithful to its source material still produce a valuable, worthwhile text? We are particularly interested in proposals that look at the adaptation of older artistic and literary forms in online and/or interactive content.

Both NeMLA members and non-members may submit abstracts to as many sessions as they desire, after creating a free CFP List NeMLA account:


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