MLA 2016: “Developments in Comics Pedagogy” has been accepted!

A roundtable on teaching comics is coming to Austin, Texas!

Last week, I received confirmation that a roundtable I proposed with Keith McCleary (UC San Diego) has been accepted for the 2016 meeting of the Modern Language Association in Austin.

The roundtable “Developments in Comics Pedagogy” continues a discussion Keith and I have had since 2013, when we organized a similar roundtable with K. Wayne Yang at UC San Diego for the Northeast Modern Language Association in Boston. Based on that successful discussion we had with comics creators and teachers from Boston and around the United States, we started work on a second roundtable to host at the MLA. We’ve been working consistently on this project, soliciting proposals to hear how people are using comics in the classroom, and we want to thank the MLA for selecting our roundtable to host as a special session for the 2016 meeting.

Keith and I were pleased with so many strong submissions received; we received so many that we were limited by MLA rules to host at most six other panelists to this roundtable. Although we were unable to include all submissions on the roundtable, we think the participants for this 2016 meeting demonstrate a variety of pedagogical practices suited to numerous departments, disciplines, and course levels. The participants to this roundtable are comics creators, scholars, and teachers who specialize in studies of literature, language, and rhetoric and who come from departments of composition, English, German, Spanish, and even a newly developed program devoted to just comics and graphic novels. We included scholars at different stages in their careers, from MAs to associate professors, and Keith and I focused the selection on creators and scholars who can discuss comics from around the world.

The MLA 2016 meeting will be in Austin, Texas, January 7 to 10. Roundtable participants include:

Elizabeth Losh, University of California, San Diego
Susan E. Kirtley, Portland State University
Joe Sutliff Sanders, Kansas State University
Maria Elsy Cardona, Saint Louis University
Nick Sousanis, the University of Calgary
Elizabeth Nijdam, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

We appreciate the contributions that these panelists have made in developing our successful proposal to the MLA, and we are enjoying the conversations we have been having ahead of this roundtable. We look forward to January, and we will have updates as the MLA approaches.

Please follow #MLA16 on Twitter for additional updates for this and other sessions at the Austin meeting this January.

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