Monsters (blank) Box: Preposition training

I forget which web site I read with this advice about using a monster to explain the mysterious part of speech known as a preposition–and a lot of the ideas we brainstormed in class Thursday are not quite prepositions–but it was a helpful exercise.

To explain prepositions, we draw a box (helpfully labeled “Box”) next to a monster (if you don’t like Mike Wazowski, you can try a vampire, a kaiju, or a Hellboy).  Ask the class how they can fill in the blank:  “The monster ______ the box.” 

Many of the initial answers will focus around physical dimensions (“The monster under the box”; “The monster next to the box”; “The monster in the box”; “The monster above the box”), so you then can re-label the box to a more abstract concept, such as time (“Friday”) and try another set of sample sentences (“The monster during Friday,” “The monster on Friday”).


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